Saturday Stuff


“For you.”

They stopped at the street corner. Daryl handed her a pink package wrapped in a white bow.

“What? How did you …” Shelly blinked and took the package.

He gave her a sheepish smile.

“Daryl. I don’t want to be a couple,” she said sternly.

He shrugged. “We’re friends. Friends give each other birthday gifts”

She pulled the card out while they walked across the street.

“I’d catch a grenade for ya.”

She laughed. “You and your military references. I swear …”

A car shot through the intersection. With lightening speed, Daryl pushed her out of the way.

The car struck him.

She screamed.





Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 100 words (not including said prompt). The prompt is in italics above.