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SOC Sunday: Setting a Good Example

I’m being watched.

Dude, my oldest son, constantly watches me. He tries to act like he’s not, but I can tell he is.

How do I know this?

I’m pretty notorious for never taking a shower right after I get up. I get up, monkey around for a bit (usually on the computer, though Saturdays I spend doing chores) and THEN I’ll take a shower – about mid-morning. (Sometimes later, if we’re being honest).

I complained to Kevin the other day how Dude never takes a shower until 1:00 in the afternoon.

Do you know what Kevin said? “Well, you’re not exactly setting a very good example.”

I was stunned. I was annoyed, at first, but then I realized that he was right. The boy is watching me. I don’t take a shower first thing, why should he?

So today, I got up at 7:30, and was showered and dolled up by 8:30 – before I woke Dude up at 9:00 (the boys need to be woken up so they can get up and wake up in time for Bible study).

Guess what? Dude took a shower and made his bed without me telling him – at 11:00 a.m.! (That’s early for him on a weekend).

And this job thing? Will probably make an impact on Dude, too. I want to get one because I have the time and I’m ready to financially contribute to my family again. But I think it will also be a good thing for Dude, too. He will see I’m working and it will likely motivate him to get a job after he graduates in May.

I always knew that Dude was a momma’s boy, I just didn’t realize HOW MUCH of an impact I have on him until recently.

I appreciate my husband’s honesty, (not always, mind you), and I’m glad he said what he said and brought to my attention that I’m not always setting a very good example for my boys sometimes.

I’m lazy. I will not dispute that. But I’m learning that that laziness has larger consequences and doesn’t just affect me but my children as well.

*ding* Time’s up.


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Abundant Life

Teaching: The Permanence of Salvation

Every Sunday I provide videos and valuable links to the Truth or Tradition teachings. We’ve been following the Truth or Tradition teachings for many years now and they have truly blessed our family. We have found peace and happiness through our beliefs and we walk confidently for God. My hope, by passing on this information to you, is that what you find here, or on the Truth or Tradition website, will guide you to a better, more blessed and abundant life.

If you would like to read my views on religion and how we got started with the ministry, you can read this.

Let’s get started:

The other day as I was reflecting on the permanence of salvation, I was thinking about things in life that are permanent, and things that aren’t. It occurred to me that if our salvation really is permanent, which I believe the Bible says it is, then thinking about other things in life that are permanent should help me comprehend God’s promise in a bigger way.

We believe that at the very moment a person confesses Jesus as Lord and believes God raised him from the dead, he is “born again” and receives the gift of the holy spirit, which is the guarantee of everlasting life. [1] Our New Birth via the spirit of God is just as irreversible as our first birth was. It cannot be undone. This is why Scripture says that each Christian has Christ’s seal of ownership, which is a deposit, or a guarantee, of what is to come. [2] In other words, our salvation is permanent.

So what in life is permanent? I own some shirts and pants that are said to be “permanent press” but, unfortunately, they seem to wrinkle when I wear them, and sometimes when I don’t take them out of the dryer fast enough! If salvation is like that, it certainly isn’t very permanent. So how about one of those felt tip pens, the ones they call “permanent markers.” They do seem pretty permanent, but I recall times when I’ve used them on outdoor things, and they eventually faded with exposure to the elements. Not so with our salvation, according to God’s Word. [3]

So what in my life is permanent? How about a scar? Surely that is permanent. When I was a little boy, I had my appendix removed, and I was really proud of that four-inch scar. When I first got it, I loved to show off that long purple mark to my siblings and schoolyard friends. I thought of it as some kind of battle trophy that demonstrated my toughness to the other kids. Oops, I just looked, and it appears that after forty-some years it has faded so much that I have trouble even finding it.

There must be something I can think of that really is permanent. I know—my tattoos! How much more permanent than that can you get? I’ve gotten quite a few tattoos in my lifetime, and they are permanent. Wait a minute; no they aren’t, because nowadays people can get tattoos removed with lasers. If marks, scars, and tattoos fade or can be removed, then they are not permanent.

It seems there really isn’t much in life that is permanent. My wife tells me that “permanent” hair dye has to be redone once a month. My sister once got divorced, but then remarried the same man five years later. People get all kinds of sickness, even so-called “terminal” diseases, but many are healed. Many years ago I committed some crimes, was arrested, pled guilty to the felony charges, and served five years of probation. At the time I thought it would mean that I would have a “permanent” criminal record. But even that, because of God’s great mercy and grace, was reversed and dismissed. [4]

There are only two things in life that are permanent: birth and death. A person “taking his last breath” sounds about as permanent as it gets. However, for Christians, that is not the case, for we know that the Lord Jesus will raise us up. Some Christians won’t even die, but will be transformed from mortal to immortal at Christ’s appearing. [5] And then too the Bible says that every person who has ever died will be raised from the grave and be judged, so it again seems that not even our physical death is permanent. God tells us that it is the “second death,” for wicked people, in the Lake of Fire, that is permanent.

The one and only thing that is permanent in our lives is our birth. No baby has ever come from the womb and been able to go back in there again (mothers all over the world rejoice at this scientific fact). It is no wonder God has chosen the language of birth to communicate the truth of what He does for us when we receive salvation. Our salvation, via New Birth, is as irreversible, irrevocable, enduring, lasting, unchangeable, immutable, inalterable, invariable, fixed, and established as our first birth. Our salvation cannot fade, deteriorate, wane, decline, decay, crumble, or be lost. When God says we are born of His spirit, He means it. When it comes to salvation, permanent is permanent.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about God’s wonderful message, please visit the Truth or Tradition website. You can also keep track of the ministry through their Facebook page, their YouTube Channel, or follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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