Snow is Stupid, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Weather is Cyclical

We’re snowed in – AGAIN.

Well, Kevin and I aren’t snowed in, we’re at the office (thank goodness for his 4×4 truck), but school has been canceled – AGAIN.


This makes the sixth snow day this school year – one more and the kids will start having to make them up.

The snow has been around for a solid week now. This is unacceptable. I’m not a big fan of snow to begin with, but when it’s been around for a week and the temps haven’t gotten high enough to melt much of it, I get downright cranky.

The side streets were never cleared, so when the temps did get high enough to melt a little of it, it was enough to make the ice break up into chunks. So now our street has deep groves of ice in it and my little car isn’t liking that one little bit. I’ve gotten stuck a few times and when I went to pick the boys up from school the other day, I got stuck halfway in/halfway out of a driveway with about ten cars behind me.

That wasn’t embarrassing.

I was finally able to rock the car enough that it found traction, but I honestly thought the boys were going to have to get out and push me.

The last time school was out this long was during the ’07 ice storm. It seems like they were out a week at that time period because the schools didn’t have power. Since Missouri declared a national emergency, the kids didn’t have to make up those days.

I hate snow days. They’re disruptive to everyone’s schedule. Not to mention the boys’ schooling. However, we’re lucky. The boys are older now so it’s no big deal to leave them at home. I feel really sorry for working parents of younger kids – I bet snow days like these are just a major pain in the butt for them.

At any rate – we’re supposed to be up in the 50’s this weekend so HOPEFULLY it’ll melt most of this crap away and we can get back to normal.


I just called and rescheduled my doctor’s appointment. I was supposed to go in for a follow up to my abdominal surgery. Kevin wanted me to go, but since he’s my taxi today, and it looks like we’re going to have to make a trip to the orthodontist’s office today because Jazz’s new wire in his braces has caused his teeth to shift and now the wire has extended past his teeth and is digging into his gums which requires snipping and we’ll likely grab lunch on the way back which means that Kevin won’t have had that much time in the office today because of all of the taxiing around and since I know the man like the back of my hand and know that he won’t feel like he got anything done today and that will make him cranky and he’s not much fun to be around when he’s cranky – I rescheduled my appointment because that would mean one less thing for us to do today.

I do believe that might have been the longest, and most confusing, sentence I’ve ever written.

Anyway, it’s no biggie. It’s just a follow-up. I’m sure it’ll go something like this:

Me: “Hey doc.”

Doc: “How are you doing?”

Me: “Great! I feel really good. Thanks again for fixing me.”

Doc: (*blush*)

Me: (*big smile because it’s amusing to make the doctor blush*)

Doc: “Any problems?”

Me: “Not a one.”

Doc: “You’re having bowel movements and passing gas okay?”

Me: “You mean, am I pooping and farting? Yep. Everything’s running on schedule.”

(I know what you’re thinking, “Now Karen. You wouldn’t say that.” To which I would reply – oh yes I would. I like to say things like that and shock people. It makes life interesting that way).

Doc: “Great! Then I hearby dub you cured and I don’t want to see you back – ever.”

And that would be that.

So see? I’m not missing much by postponing this appointment until next week. Though I DO want to ask him if there’s any possibility of me suddenly growing more intestine or if I have enough large intestine left for anymore twists to happen.

Because GAH, I don’t want to go through that crap (pardon the pun) again if I can help it.

And plus, it’s fun to watch his brow furrow as he tries to ascertain if I’m indeed stupid enough to think it’s indeed possible for me to grow extra intestine (hey, it could happen) or if I’m just jerking his chain.

Serious people are so fun to mess with.


I’m suspicious.

The Documentation Specialist position is still listed.

Hhmm ….

It’s been listed for quite a few weeks.

Hhmm …

I wonder – does this mean that they simply can’t find people who have graduated from college with a technical writing degree? Or, are they turning down all of the applicants because they’re old and stodgey?

See. This company is a young, hip company. Which makes me wonder if I would be a good candidate because, well, I’m old. Let’s be honest.

HOWEVER, I don’t always act my age so … BONUS!

OR, maybe they had another Documentation Specialist job open up right after they filled the first position and they just didn’t bother taking down the first listing because hello – same job, same job description, same job requirements, etc.

I know they update their list because I’ve seen other listings come and go so …

I wonder.


I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal lately.

My body RESPONDS to oats.


But I’ve noticed that if you don’t rinse your bowl out immediately after you’re finished, oatmeal turns into concrete.

It’s a PAIN to clean after that.

Just a little public service announcement.


Kevin is now an official QuickBooks Pro Advisor. This means, he can easily take care of all of your Quickbooks needs.

He has spent quite a few hours studying the material and taking tests and is now certified. He’s listed as an adviser on the Quickbooks website, too. They also gave him a handy-dandy sticker to put on his window and I will be putting an “official” notice on his website sometime today, too.

So if you know of any small businesses that need an accountant, Kevin is your man.

I’m going to help him write some ads today and we’ll start the ball rolling on advertising. He’s already had one client meeting and that was just word of mouth, so I’m really hoping we can carve out a niche in the community.

Seriously. If you, or you know of someone that needs some accounting services, contact me, or visit Kevin’s website and contact him.

We’ll even come to your business and pick up your paperwork for you!

We’re full service, ya’ll.


I”m getting pretty darn tired of (uninformed) people touting that this blizzard is PROOF POSITIVE that climate change (which is now what Global Warming is called because it’s hard to preach warming when half the country is buried under snow) happens.

Well, yeah. Climate change happens, it’s called WEATHER. And weather is cyclical. (which means: revolving or recurring in cycles – in case you didn’t know that).

Case in point:

There’s an article on Yahoo today about the Midwest blizzards.

Here’s the part that I think people intentionally ignore whenever they start spouting off about Global Warming, oops, sorry, Climate Change:

But after the record 14-inch snowfall that kept students out of school for at least six days, halted garbage pickup and kept some roads impassable, the city of 390,000 was bracing for the worst. By 9 a.m. Wednesday, Tulsa had received 4.5 inches of new snow, putting it just two-tenths of an inch from matching its seasonal record of 25.6 inches set in the 1923-1924 season.

Dude. This means that Tulsa received even MORE snow in 1924. Are you telling me that MAN-MADE Global Warming was happening back in the early 20’s??

COME ON MAN. Get real.

Weather is cyclical. It goes in cycles. Next year, we’ll probably have a particularly mild, warm winter. The year after that, it’ll be colder and maybe just a bit snow. The year after that? Spring-like conditions.

It’s called AVERAGES. That’s where AVERAGES come from.

Give me a break.

I’m sorry guys, but I don’t buy it. The Earth may be warming up, but it’s not because of man. Can we work on being more efficient and less wasteful? Of course. But man is a tiny speck of dirt – I highly doubt we’re killing our planet.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, but good LORD, this stuff drives me nuts.

Don’t believe me? Tell you what – read articles both for and against Global Warming. Weigh the evidence for yourself. What makes more sense? I’ve done that and it just doesn’t seem feasible that man is causing the Earth to warm up. Science is great – science is not always accurate.

And the rant is officially over.

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: Healthy Submission

by Gary and Karen Theisen
Taught live at the CES Family Camp, this teaching looks at the biblical idea of “submission” and what that really means. Submission is often misunderstood as a hindrance to walking in liberty and self-fulfillment, especially in relation to the command to wives in Ephesians 5 (and elsewhere) to submit to their husbands. This teaching is a step toward greater understanding of God’s heart for marriage, but also an exhortation to all in the Body of Christ to show their submission to the Lord Jesus by demonstrating appropriate submission to others in his Body. Each Christian is asked to submit to another as is appropriate under the lordship of Jesus Christ, even a husband to a wife when that is appropriate. This is not intended to be the definitive teaching on marriage, but is a step toward that understanding. It particularly emphasizes the importance of a husband’s servant-leadership in his family, encouraging thereby a response of “healthy submission” without coercion or manipulation.

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