Linda, Listen to Me

The doctor I work for actually showed me this video. We were coming back to Springfield after our out-of-town clinic last Friday and he, his PA and his nurse were talking about it. I mentioned not having seen it and Dr. M. pulled out his phone and showed me. (That sounds sort of dirty, lol).

What a cutie pie! Of course, after getting over the cuteness I would probably spank his little bottom but you have to admit, it’s pretty cute.

It won’t be so cute when he’s seven/eight though.

And you know he most likely picked up this “bargaining” power from the adults in his life. You can tell his mom is always saying, “Listen to me.”

This is a pretty terrible example to set for your child. Instead of teaching humility and responsibility, (“I’m sorry, mom. You’re right, I shouldn’t have tried to ask for cupcakes when you already told me I couldn’t have one”) it’s all about talking your way out of bad behavior.

Yes. Of course I realize he’s only three years old – you’re missing the point. Cute/funny aside, look at the big picture. What is this sort of behavior teaching him?

Kids are sponges. They react and learn from the people in their lives. Think about it.

At the Moment, Funny

I Miss This …


The boys act like they don’t like it, or get embarrassed, whenever we reminiscence about their childhood days, but they stick around to hear the stories. 🙂

It snowed ya’ll! We had about 1/2 inch of ice first, then 3.6 inches of snow on top of that. And it’s cold, like FOUR degrees cold. This is pretty unusual for March – not so much the snow, though the snow we get is usually the big, fluffy, wet kind, but it’s terribly cold for this time of year. I heard on the radio this morning that we’re now the 10th area for the most snow this winter.


(Not. I hate snow/ice).

Anyhoo. School has been cancelled so Bran won’t have to drive to class in this. However – we’re all still going to work so … YAY.


Have a good Monday.


Simon’s Cat – Neener Neener

I don’t see what’s so funny, this is me and Kevin every day.

That’s why our marriage works, don’t you know, because we torment each other.

Also? Snow. *DROOL*

I’m not a big fan of snow, but since we’ve had 100 degrees plus these past few weeks? I could go for a little snow right about now.

You enjoy your long weekend, ya hear?


Matrix on Windows


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Matrix on PC, posted with vodpod

Hey man,

I know this spoof is making fun of Windows – I get it. And they’re right, Windows can be terribly frustrating and wonky and Windows users definitely have these issues, but here’s the thing – I’d rather be a free-thinking Windows user than belong to an electronic cult.

Because speaking as a non-Mac user from outside the hoopla that surrounds every Apple product? (I own an iTouch. That’s the extent of my Apple enthusiasm). It’s a little bizarre to see people into their electronics THAT much.

You know?

P.S. No disrespect to Mac users – I’m sure ya’ll are the bees knees, but seriously? The crazy devotion to one control-hungry brand is a little creepy. Just saying.