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Project 365: January 22nd


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.

Mosaic 16 - 18

1. I have no problem washing laundry. I have no problem drying laundry. I sort of have a problem with folding laundry. But when it comes time to PUTTING the laundry away? I have a problem!! I can let this situation go for exactly 2.5 days before the husband gets cranky with me. (When you’ve been married for nearly 19 years, you pick this sort of thing up. *grin*).

2. The husband, just waking up. Here is our morning routine: I’m usually up first. And I’ve made the email rounds when the husband stumbles in, gives me a quick kiss and then stumbles through making his breakfast of waffles, bacon and hot apple juice. (Every morning!) After he eats, he sits in that chair and drinks some coffee and we chat a bit while he wakes up. He’s so cute with his morning hair and glassy eyes.

3. Because the boys do such a good job at school (work) every week, I take them for a treat once a week – sometimes it’s donuts, but most often, it’s ice cream at our favorite creamy. This is GD, in the back seat, hunched over his brownie/custard … concoction. I wonder where he gets his “hands off my food or you die” attitude. Hhmm…

Mosaic 19 - 22

4. MK, same ice cream trip, only in the passenger seat. The way he eats ice cream just cracks me up. He takes little dainty bites, slurps really, which makes his ice cream last forever. When asked why he eats ice cream like this? “I hate brain freeze.” Well, there is that … OR, the real answer could be, “I like to stretch the anticipation out as long as I possibly can because it drives mom crazy.” But he’s a sweet kid, why would I think that? *snort*

5. Our front door and a few numbers from our house address. Why yes, I DO like to live dangerously. Muahahahaha. (Okay not really, I needed something to take a picture of that day and that was the only thing I could think of).

6. My weekly picture (I’m really not that narcissistic , well, okay, maybe I am a little, but I plan on stitching all of these photos together at the end of the year so we can all laugh at the crazy hair lady getting older before our eyes). I took this picture in the late afternoon, hence the funky hair color. It looks so red! And fluffy! And in bad need of a good conditioner!

7. Lovelovelove this sign!! If you haven’t visited before, then you probably don’t know that cell phones and driving? DRIVE ME CRAZY! This sign is actually prominently displayed at the driveway exit at MK’s school. Whoever commissioned to put that up, THANK YOU. Of course, people won’t listen, but THANK YOU.

2 thoughts on “Project 365: January 22nd”

  1. For number 1 I have a suggestion that works wonders in my boyfriend’s house since the kids, now 20 and 22, were 10 (according to the mother-in-law) You wash, dry, fold, and CATEGORIZE. GD’s clothes in one pile, MK’s in a separate pile, and the hubby’s and yours is all you need to put away. Unless you wanna categorize hubby’s too which is fine since you do the really difficult part (washing drying and folding).

    Putting this into practice does require setting a place aside for the folded clothes and enforcing that each person pick up their pile and put it away, correctly, within a predetermined time frame that fits your family’s lifestyle.

    Just an idea. If you decide to try it out, come by and let me know how it works out for you. =0)

  2. Great shots! You’ll love looking back on all the photos you took for this project 🙂 I did Project365 two years ago and while I loved it, it got really hard after a while for me. I nearly ran out of things to photograph by about November 🙂


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