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Friday Craft: Recycle Old Crayons

I found this little gem over at Instructables.

Isn’t this cool? I wish I had thought of this when my kids were little and I had BOXES of old crayon stubs lying around the house, and in drawers, and on the floors and stuck in the heating vents.

But I digress.

What a cute, cheap and FUN thing to give away at your child’s school Valentine party! They could insert these into their valentine’s (thereby making them unique and a sure crowd pleaser), or into the kids’ goody bags. Wouldn’t that be so much better than sticking a bunch of gooey-chocolately-goodness in their bags?

Er, maybe not for the kids, but I bet the parents would prefer it. *grin*

Anyway, if have a few minutes, round up the kids, gather those crayon stubs and follow the tutorial to make fun crayon shapes!

In fact …

I bet I still have that old box of crayons around here somewhere. I wonder if I could talk my teenage boys into doing this with me.

Hey boys! Want to melt some crayons and make fun shapes??


I guess that’s a no?


5 thoughts on “Friday Craft: Recycle Old Crayons”

  1. LOL. Yea, I’m guessing they may not exactly want to 🙂

    I LOVE this idea! I was just about to toss out a bunch of broken crayons. I know my 3 yr old would love these.

  2. Probably not a good idea to give them away at school. Some kid’s little sister might try to eat one thinking it was candy and choke on it or get poisoned. You would then get sued. Also, the boys would get suspended from school. Better just let the old crayons remain stuck in the heater vents.

  3. Elizabeth – you’re right, probably not the best solution. But I’m sure someone craftier than me can figure it out??

    I hope?

  4. Too Cute! I need to make these! AH! I looked up the link and noticed that they melt them in aluminum cans. If the aluminum cans get hot they let off fumes that can make you sick. Perhaps another container would be better…

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