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Four Short Years Ago …

… I began blogging. I started on Blogspot, discovered wordpress.org and set up my own web space and finally moved to wordpress.com when my web host started giving me headaches.

And just think, you thought it wouldn’t last. *grin*

Write From Karen's 4th Blog Birthday

As of this date, here are my blogging stats:

Published 537 articles (though it’ll probably be more by the time I post this entry).

I have nine posts scheduled.

I have 42 drafts saved for future posts (that probably won’t end up being used because I always forget I HAVE drafts saved – I’m really quite pathetic).

Now keep in mind? I’ve only had this wordpress.com blog since May 2008. Go ahead, check my archives – I’m not lying. So, I’ve posted over 500 articles in six months.

If only I could be that productive in my REAL writing. (Which I could be, I just choose not to be because I’m scared of failing – or succeeding – and I’m too lazy to actually drum up the discipline necessary to Git ‘R Done).

In summary? I post. A lot. Because it’s who I am. Because I have a lot to say. Because I’m impulsive. Because I don’t know how or when to shut up.

Here’s to many, many more blogging years.

You poor readers, you. 😀

6 thoughts on “Four Short Years Ago …”

  1. Happy blogaversary! My blog’s fourth birthday comes in April. It seems so weird that I’ve had that site for so long. 🙂

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