Happy New Year!

Update: 10:07 p.m.: We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. As predicted, it was pretty lame. We just finished watching Hancock and all I will say is, “Will Smith is freaking hot!”

We’re taking a short break and then we’ll watch the grand finale – The Dark Knight. The boys are really looking forward to watching that one. I plan on taking a break and taping a short video around midnight and then if I’m awake after the movie, I’ll write a short note about any resolutions I might, or might not, make. Stay tuned 😀

Update 2: 12:56 a.m.: We finished The Dark Knight and it was … dark. I think the boys really enjoyed it. The husband snoozed through most of it. Heath Ledger did not disappoint and it makes me even more sad that he’s not around to enjoy his success.

No video. I’m just too tuckered out to push the play button and then upload the sucker. But I’m sure you’re not all that disappointed anyway. *grin*

My number one resolution this year? To get my writing published. I’m ready. I will BE ready. This will be an exciting year for me, professionally.

Thank you for sticking around. I look forward to spending 2009 with you!