Savoring Family Time

Sleepy Boys

Taken moments ago …

It’s now 8:24 a.m. The husband is taking a shower, I’m catching up on blogs (no emails to answer! Yay!) right now, will scarf down some yogurt after I post this and then head to the showers myself. The sun is shining (it was actually pretty cloudy yesterday – boo!) and it promises to be a beautiful day. It’s still pretty chilly, but I’m sitting here in front of the camper heater, hot air blowing against my sweat pants and I’m actually pretty cozy. When the boys wake up, they will likely camp out (pun intended) in this cubby hole.

Camper Cubby Hole
(We spend a lot of time in this hole).

The husband and I did a bit of shopping yesterday. We went to BAM (Books a Million) and I bought Twilight again (I had to give my other copy away for the Bloggy Giveaway – I had just started reading it when the Giveaway started and I was all like, “Ack! I want to give something away, but what?). Then we went to Wal-Mart to see if they had Gears of War 2 for the XBox for GD (that is his birthday gift request) and they did. Whew! Apparently, this game is pretty popular and they only had two copies left. I’m betting Springfield has already run out of copies.

And that’s all we did yesterday. The kids didn’t even change out of their sweats (but in their defense, it’s just warmer to stay in them!)

My Texan chili was DEE-LISH!! In fact, the husband sang my praises all night (and I ate them [pun intended] up).

We played the game of Life last night – GD won (we called him Bill Gates he ended up with so much money), the husband came in second, me third, and MK last. We had a lot of laughs and I love the fact that the kids will remember that our camping trips consisted of many hours of board games.

We also watched Ironman together, too. The boys and I have seen it, but the husband hasn’t. As usual, we had to keep nudging him awake – movies are like a sleep drug for him, he simply doesn’t stay awake long enough to finish the movie and then has the audacity to ask what happened later.


Today, will take it easy once again. We wanted to play a little putt-putt, but it might be too cold for that. In fact, I don’t think the courses are even open today. *sad face*

We plan on going out for steak for dinner, playing more board games and watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull today (again, the boys and I have seen it, the husband has not and again, we’ll probably have to nudge him all night).

Life is good.

How is your weekend shaping up?


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  1. Sorry I took your copy of Twilight! Oh, wait, no I’m not. =D
    I got the books in the mail yesterday; I’ve already read the first two. They are AWESOME! I’ve been sick so I’ve had an excuse to sit around and do nothing but read.

    I love your post title: savoring family time. It seems you are doing just that – not just enjoying each moment, but savoring it. How cool is that!

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