Strange Things are Happening at the Tower Theater

I don’t believe in ghosts.

And I don’t believe in spirits, in general, though I do believe there are devil spirits that surround us and if you’re not careful, could possess you if you allow them in. (By subjecting yourself to tarot cards, visiting psychics, participating in evil cults/activities).

But I would by lying if I didn’t admit that evil spirits and unexplained phenomenon IS fascinating to learn about – as long as you keep your head and remain rational about the ordeal.

I heard the audio version of this on the radio this morning. The kids were with me and I could almost hear them panting – the fear was nearly palpable. And I admit, my heart started pounding at the sheer creepiness.

I actually felt light-headed after I watched the video on YouTube.

Some believe the Tower Theater is haunted. The Tower Theater used to be a movie house back in the 1950’s, it now houses five local radio stations. Rumor has it, that late at night, you can strongly smell popcorn, and hear various “patrons” saying, “Please be quiet.” “Please remove your hat.” “Sit down in front.” And various other movie-related things people might say in a movie theater.

It’s speculation that these are the ghosts of past patrons.

Now that the Theater is home to so many radio stations, some believe that the magnetic energy from all of the radio waves are coaxing these ghosts out of hiding. I’ve heard enough about magnetic energy to know that some people REALLY believe that electrical waves, and so forth (I’m not interested enough to really research the correct terms), affect your physical life, even your mental well-being. But are they really strong enough to manifest ghosts?

The strange things you’re about to see in this video are well … creepy. But the skeptic in me wonders just how “supernatural” it truly is. The logical part of my brain thinks, “Whatever. Someone is totally manipulating that chair and making that door move.”

Perhaps. But I will admit that after watching this video, I’m now completely creeped out and will likely be sleeping with a nightlight on for the next few nights.

Are you disappointed to learn I’m really a scaredy-cat at heart? 😀

I’m curious. Have you ever encountered strange phenomena like this in your life? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Strange Things are Happening at the Tower Theater”

  1. What a great video! I say it’s FAKE!!!, but still a great video! Just creepy enough for Halloween without being over the top.

    ps – Hide your kitchen knives tonight! =D

  2. I think everyone is scared of the unknown. My personal history with ghost is very slim. I think the only one has to be when I was in middle, some friends and I were cleaning the classroom. While we were moving a box from the corner, a white, translucent shape fly out from underneath and disappeared. This might be my imagination because right before this happened, we were telling each other ghost stories and my friends were trying to convince that ghost are real. We’ll know really 😉

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