Camped Out

I will be spending my day working on my outline for NaNoWriMo, so I won’t have time to write anything for this blog.

This was originally published October 2006. In fact, I had to smile when I read this post because we’re thinking about going camping next weekend, for my birthday. Some things never change.

Have a great Wednesday, ya’ll!

Updated: I got SQUAT done on my outline! I mean nothing, nada, zip, big, fat zero! AARG! What is wrong wit me? It’s like, “Oh look, I still have two whole days before I HAVE to start writing – outline-schmoutline, I don’t need no stinkin’ outline. But actually, I do! Wah! I’m such a deadhead! 😦


We packed up the Cub (i.e. camper/trailer) and headed back down to our favorite camping spot, Cooper Creek in Branson, Missouri this past weekend. This will probably be our last camping trip of the year unless the weather is nice around Thanksgiving. Camping in the fall is our absolute favorite time to camp – the weather is warm, but not hot. There aren’t very many bugs and the leaves are beginning to turn, transforming the world into a multi-colored kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Campsite View

This is the view from our campsite. We reserved a spot right off Lake Taneycomo – we were able to unzip the canvas walls of our back bed (our camper has fold-out beds) watch boats lazily idle by and people cleaning their catch of the day.

Our weather couldn’t have been more perfect – sunny and high 70’s during the day, low 40’s at night. We all slept great, until our neighbors’ dogs started barking at the crack of dawn. (They had FIVE schnauzers. Five people! Who takes five dogs with them camping?!)

We didn’t do much. We arrived at the campsite last Thursday evening – we took off right after the kids got out of school on Thursday (they were out of school on Friday). We had a moment of panic when we brought the first bed down and water sloshed out. The water was brownish and smelled pretty rank so it must have been sitting there since the last time we camped (in July). Hopefully we can figure out where it’s leaking and fix it before our canvas rots.

We went out to eat Thursday night at a Chinese buffet. I made the mistake of sampling a really spicy dish and well … had problems the rest of the weekend (we’ll just leave it at that)

On Friday, the hubs and I went shopping and bought the boys some long-sleeved t-shirts from the outlet malls. We also visited the discount bookstore we ALWAYS visit when we go to Branson. Unfortunately, we also learned they were closing down. We were heartbroken. These bookstores have the best prices and I always buy a ton of books whenever we’re down there. We wrapped up that shopping trip pretty bummed out. Now we’ll have to find a new bookstore to browse when we’re down there.

Friday night the hubs built a fire and the kids roasted marshmallows. They ate about the first half dozen or so, but then it became a game to see who could squish the most together and then burn them into grotesque shapes.

Saturday we drove down to the dam to see if the guys would have better luck with their fishing – they didn’t. In fact, no one even got a nibble all weekend long. The guys were pretty disappointed but it was fun to watch them climb the huge rocks down to the shore and even more fun to watch them climb back up. Me? I wasn’t about to risk turning an ankle or injuring my back, so I stayed at the top and nervously chewed my fingernails. No one was hurt, thank goodness.

I had several opportunities to work on my NaNoWriMo outline, but I didn’t. In fact, I plugged my laptop into an outside outlet on our trailer and set it up on a picnic table overlooking the lake. I was all set to work, but I got distracted by the sparkling water and passing boaters. I spent most of the time daydreaming and listening to the hum of my notebook.

Though I didn’t get any work done, I savored the peace and quiet. Sitting there, observing nature’s tranquility and breathing in the fresh woodsy smell surrounding me, I felt small knots of anixety begin to loosen deep in my gut. It was nice to just sit and BE – to simply exist. There were no demands. There were no deadlines. It was just me and nature, peacefully co-existing.


I need to get away like that more often.