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A blog entry – Twitter style.

I’m quite looking forward to my husband’s band practice tonight. Why? Because I won’t have to feel guilty for working out and not spending that two hours with him.

Who thinks this sort of stuff??

EDITED: I didn’t workout because I was simply too tired. Must remember to take iron!


Must … Have … Snuggle … Quilt

My mother is going to die when she reads this (mom, are you still reading?), but I want this quilt:

Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

For those of you that know me (or only think you do *wink*), this is going to sound so odd, but I’m not a quilt person. I’ve never once gone shopping for quilts. And yet, I want this gorgeous piece of work. I want to wrap my body in it, sit by the fireplace and read a good book. Or place it over my legs and sit in front of the fireplace and write on my laptop. Doesn’t that sound heavenly??

Perhaps it’s the beautiful, yet somewhat funky in-your-face flowers. Or the lovely yellows and browns, or the sheer simplicity, but I absolutely love this quilt.

I hesitate to link you to this wonderful, talented artist. Not because I don’t want to recognize her and send the ten people who read my blog over to her Internet hang-out (*grin*) but because she’s GIVING THIS BEAUTIFUL piece of art away and I’m selfish – I want it for all myself.

Oh fine, I’ll link you. But you have to promise me you won’t put your name into her giveaway thereby giving me more chances to win it.

Okay forget it, you don’t have to promise. 🙂

The name of the artist who made, and created the pattern (!!) for this beautiful quilt is Elizabeth Cranmer, aka Lizzy Anne (I even love her name!). And she’s giving this quilt away to some lucky, lucky person (hopefully me!) She’s also giving the pattern away to the second and third place winners! (I’m not talented enough to make it myself, but I know a certain someone *cough mom cough* who would probably make it for me!)

All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog entry, or earn extra chances by blogging about her quilt and/or putting her button in your sidebar. You need to hurry though, you have until 7pm MST on Friday, October 17th.

Or don’t hurry. In fact, you have ALL the time in the world.

Would you like a cup of coffee before you head over there? What about a donut? And did I tell you about the time I fell out of my car ….?


Getting the Shot

Getting the Shot

My husband, doing one of things he does best – experimenting with photography.

I’ll post his picture in tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday. It’s quite stunning, in a creepy sort of way. 🙂

By the way, I LOVE it when he turns his ball cap backwards like that.