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A blog entry – Twitter style.

I went to the library book sale today and bought 13 books.

And that was just in the older section; I still need to go back tomorrow and browse the “better” book section. There is NOTHING quite like running your hand across stacks of smooth spines and smelling musty books.

I’m also thinking about buying Twilight by Stephenie Meyer even though I’ve never had any desire to read about vampires – let alone pubescent vampires.

Am I caving to blog-o-sphere peer pressure?


Hot for Words, or Desperate for Attention?

You decide.

Is this woman for real?


My husband watches her because she’s “educational.” *snort* Whatever.

(Geez, I feel like I need to apologize for even posting this. *shudder* So I will – I’m sorry I posted this and subjected you to this trash).

Look, I’m not a prude. This woman is pretty. She has a nice body. And I’m sure she works very hard to maintain that body, but if she chooses to use her body for attention (which I’m assuming her intellect is NOT giving her), so be it. But don’t try and tell me that watching her, and trying to decipher her thick accent (albeit pretty accent) to understand a word she’s saying about the “lesson” she’s giving, is educational.

That’s BS, and you know it. That’s like trying to tell me you eat at Hooter’s because the ribs are good. Pfft.

I haven’t been able to stomach this woman long enough to even fact check her – so what she’s saying may, or may not, be correct.

Either way, I don’t care.

This woman makes my ears bleed. And that little giggle she gives at the beginning … *just shakes head* There’s cute and charming and then there’s desperate and needy – I’ll let you decide which one this woman is.


Get a self-respecting job, yo.