Be Less Stupid

I just don’t understand people’s NEED to be judgmental. Yes. Be kind, be courteous, be a good human being but don’t apologize for who you are. Own it. And to hell with the people who get offended.

You’re entitled to your feelings about something – I’m entitled to not care.


Defining Conservatism – Part Deux

I honestly don’t think a lot of people even know what conservatism is. What the values are. Why I’m 110% behind it. I explained it over here but I thought I would post this lovely lady and her definition here because she NAILS it.

Also, she’s beautiful and I LOVE HER HAIR.

Also, this may have restored a bit of hope I have for our young people today.


Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting my inch of cyber space. I have big plans for this blog this year and lots to come. I hope you decide to stick around and live it with me.

I know, once again, 2020 holidays suck but don’t let that get you down. This too shall pass and before long, we’ll be looking back on this time period and shaking out heads thinking, “Wow. We REALLY overreacted didn’t we?”

Be safe, be responsible and chin up – it’s a brand new year!