Revealing 25 (More) Things About Me

I had to reformat my computer this past weekend (for those just tuning in), which was a good thing, actually. In fact, I think I’m going to do that about every six months because WOW, my computer is running good.

But I forgot to save my Blog Topics folder – which had a ton of blog ideas stewing inside, just waiting for me to scoop them up and serve them to you, dear reader.

Now? I’ve got nothing. Blank. My brain is dead and I don’t have a fresh idea to write about. At least, for today – don’t worry, this is only temporary. *grin*

So … I’ll continue the things about me, dealie-bopper.

(You can find 25 more things about me here).

26. I was a manager at Wendy’s for seven years.
27. I was a teller at a bank for seven years.
28. I worked in the cash office at Wal-Mart for seven years.
29. My husband and I nearly split at seven years of marriage.
30. Apparently, I have a seven year itch.
31. I need to stop scratching it.
32. My first car was a ’72 silver Monte Carlo.
33. It looked hot, but was a piece of crap.
34. I owned a dark green Mercury Capri.
35. I owned a white Nissan Sentra.
36. I drove a Dodge Grand Caravan white/woodgrain van for a few years until someone hit me and totaled it.
37. I’ve been married since 1990.
38. We paid for our wedding by using a student loan.
39. We honeymooned in Cozumel, Mexico.
40. It was my first time out of Missouri.
41. It was my first time out of the country.
42. I totally freaked out and cried.
43. My first son was born in 1992.
44. He was eight weeks premature.
45. He was in NICU for six weeks.
46. We rented our first house.
47. We bought our second house.
48. We’re still here.
49. We have no intention of moving.
50. My second son was born in 1995.

Your turn. Tell me something about you. Something you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the world on your own blog. It’s okay, your secret is safe with me. 🙂