Not Your Typical Female

I think there is something seriously wrong with me.

I don’t like to shop. I could give a monkey’s butt whether my home decor matches or not (overly much). I love shoes, but I do not obsess over shoes and I would rather go to my OB-GYN than shop for clothes – okay, maybe not, but it’s CLOSE.

And I look like Sarah Palin – at least, according to my husband’s family. Personally? I don’t see it. I have brown hair and brown eyes and that’s where the resemblance ends, in my opinion. Palin is gorgeous. Me? I scare babies on GOOD days.

But I digress …

We went to the hospital last night to have a pizza party with Nanny, who’s stuck in the hospital recovering from pneumonia. (She looked MUCH better!!) And we’re loud enough that we chase every other non-family member out of the waiting room.

We have the place to ourselves.

We laugh. We joke. And I listen to my sisters-in-law swap stories about people they know from church and/or homeschool co-op because they both homeschool their four kids – each.

I’m left out in left field – as usual.

They don’t mean to exclude me, it’s just they are together, face-to-face, for like the first time in weeks and they naturally want to catch up. Me? I’m the black sheep in the family because I’ve opted to send my boys to public school.

It’s a thorn that never really gets plucked. And I’m not going to pluck it now.

But I’m sitting there, listening to both my SIL’s and my MIL talk about the great deals at TJ Maxx and I’m thinking, “What? Who has time to shop? Who WANTS to shop? Who wants to spend that kind of money on clothes/shoes/home decor when there are electronic gadgets to buy and play with!”

Clearly, I’m strange. I feel so … unfeminine around them (is that even a word?)

The husband and I talked about this the other day when he went over to a co-worker’s house (to drop off a grill – long story), and commented about how GORGEOUS their house was. He lamented on the fact that he would like to have a big brick house like that someday.

My response? “You REALLY want to spend all that money just to live in a fancy-smancy house with fancy-smancy stuff?”

He thought about it for a minute and shook his head.

I didn’t think so. And I concur. We’d rather pay off bills and use the extra money to buy new computers, cameras, and every other cool gadget that comes out.

I felt really strange listening to my in-law family talk about everything that I could care less about.

I think that’s a big reason why I don’t have a best girlfriend – I’m not your typical female, I guess.