Fleeting Thoughts

I’m craving donuts. I mean, the all-I-can-think-about-or-I-will-die-without-having-that-sweet-gooey-goodenss-in-my-mouth sort of craving. I’m so, so tempted to run to Krispy Kreme after posting this and buying these scrumptious pumpkin-shaped donuts.


Donuts are my Kryptonite, seriously.

Who’s with me! Anyone feel like making a donut run!?!

I feel icky today. I just sucked on a Zicam and now I feel worse. (The rhino? Yeah, that’s totally me today).

But no worries, this is normal for me. Zicam, for those that don’t know, is supposed to trigger your natural antibodies into action. They, in turn, aggressively race through your body and munch on bad viral cells.

I don’t know how it works exactly, but it works for me. After taking one, and then feeling like walking dog poop for about fifteen minutes, I feel better.

My sinuses are acting up (which they always do when the weather changes) and I’m prone to sinus infections. Nose spray and Zicam usually fight them off. We’ll see if I was successful this go-around.

Do you take, or do, anything to ward off impending sickness?

Mmmm … donuts ….

I finished a full-fledged blog template for a client yesterday. In fact, this client is attending a conference this weekend and will likely show this blog around. *gulp* I’m both nervous and excited about that – it could mean more business for me.

I’m ready. I can handle it (I hope).

I’ve played around with my own templates quite a bit over the past several months, but this was the first time that I actually manipulated someone else’s template. I feel pretty good about it. I think it’s a good combination of pretty and classy. I’m hoping to do more templates very soon. I learned A LOT by doing this last template and I’m feeling a bit more confident about my abilities. I’m setting up my blog template, er, blog now and will hopefully have it up and running before NaNoWriMo starts.

In the meantime, I’m also thinking about what I want to do with this blog template. I would like to do something fun, funky and satisfying (which means I don’t want to be tempted to play around with it next year so I can concentrate on other projects) and I’m on an active hunt for the perfect graphic.

If you could redo your blog template, what sort of design would you want? What overall (visual) message do you want your blog to say?

Me? I want something to do with writing, of course. I had a really cute design on my self-hosted blog that I will likely use for my design template business blog.

But this blog? I haven’t decided yet.

Any suggestions?

Must. Have. Donuts.

Kids are doing well. This school year is chugging right along. The grades could be better, but they’re not bad, so we’re good.

The husband has been helping MK out with his algebra and seriously, it’s like Greek to me. I have NO idea what they are talking about. Of course, I don’t let on that I’m clueless, but honestly? It’s embarrassing to have kids that are smarter than you.

I’m still craving donuts.

GD has been acting so … mature lately. It’s such a relief to see him settling down and feeling more comfortable with himself. He’s gotten into the habit of stopping his gaming around 9ish, taking his shower and then cracking open his books to study for quizzes, etc.

All without me telling him to!

Even though it’s rewarding to see him take the initiative (have I mentioned lately that he’s still making a B+ in Japanese and seriously thinking about taking Japanese II next year?!), it’s also sad – he’s definitely not my baby anymore.

Though he hasn’t been actively talking about his future (i.e. college), I can tell he’s thinking about it. He’s been bringing home flyers from school about ACT workshops and various other college-prep information and I can tell this is making an impact on him.

He will graduate in 2 1/2 years. And though he joked that that was a long time, I think he’s beginning to realize that actually? It’s not.

Donuts …..

I’m preparing a series of NaNoWriMo writing workshops to post at Write Anything beginning tomorrow. I actually have no idea what I’m doing, but hopefully, the workshops will help motivate and generate some ideas for people. If you have a chance, stop by and take a gander! And if you have any advice, or you’ve written about any of the topics showcased next week, share your links! I, for one, would love to take a look.

The Fall library book sale starts the 21st. Oh. My. Gosh. Book sales are like Christmas mornings for me. I HEART them!! In fact, I usually go a minimum of three times before I’m booked out.

My husband just rolls his eyes at me. But he knows better than to try and talk me out of going. I have two huge plastic containers full of books in the garage – one is full of the books I bought during the spring book sale and haven’t read yet, and the other container is full of books I’ve read and have listed on Bookmooch – that are just WAITING for some lucky book worm to love and read. *HINTHINT*

Books – it’s a sickness with me.

Mooch from me – please. I’m begging you!!

That’s it.


I’m making a donut run.

Ciao, or chow, whatever the case may be. *grin*


Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Halloween Decorations

I have a confession, we don’t really DO Halloween around here. The boys no longer trick-or-treat (though I do give them a bag of candy because I have to DO something!) and we don’t decorate. In fact, I think we might have decorated for Halloween twice the entire time we’ve been parents.

We just don’t care for Halloween that much, truth be told. It’s an evil holiday and before you roll your eyes, check it out, Halloween is based on some pretty disturbing rituals and beliefs.

We don’t do evil spirits – I’m just saying. 🙂

However, I don’t have my head so far up my butt to be a snoot about the holiday because it’s fun to watch the kids dress up and eat fun foods (that will be next Friday) and appreciate people’s creativity.

Just don’t lose your head and start worshiping stuff. 😀

Here are a few uber-cool crafts that are new to Family Fun this year:


When illuminated, these votive holders cast an eyeful of moody shadows on the walls.

Glass votive holders
Black construction paper
Hole punch
Mod Podge
Black paint

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Tear a sheet of black construction paper into about a dozen small rectangles that measure roughly 1¼ inch by ½ inch. Use a hole punch to add two eyes to each piece.

CandleEyebra: Step 2 2. Brush a portion of a plain, glass votive holder with Mod Podge, affix a paper rectangle, then paint more Mod Podge over it. Add the other pieces the same way, making sure the edges overlap.

3. When the candleholder is dry, use a tiny paintbrush and black paint to add little round pupils inside the eyes.

Pumpkin Shirt

Wear your Halloween spirit on your sleeve with this groovy tie-dyed jack-o’-lantern shirt.

White T-shirt, washed
Rubber bands
Orange fabric dye
Sink or bucket for the dye
Rubber gloves
Blunt-ended scissors
Cardboard (for inside of shirt)
Black permanent marker
Black fabric paint

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
Step 1. Pinch and gather up a portion of the T-shirt fabric, then add a rubber band 1 or 2 inches from the point of the pinch. Wrap the band around several times until it’s nice and tight. Create similar sections with rubber bands all over the shirt and sleeves.

Step 2. Prepare the dyebath according to the instructions on the package. Thoroughly wet the shirt with water. Wearing rubber gloves, submerge the shirt in the dye. Let it soak until it looks a shade darker than you want it to be.

Step 3. Still wearing gloves, rinse the shirt under warm running water. As the rinse water becomes less orange, change the water temperature to cold.

Step 4. Once the water from the shirt runs clear, carefully cut off the rubber bands. Dry the shirt.

Step 5. Insert cardboard inside the shirt, then use a permanent marker to draw jack-o’-lantern features inside each circle. Fill in the shapes with the marker, or use black fabric paint (which stays black longer).

This is not a new one, but I still crack up every time I see one of these:

Witch Crash

This witch may have failed driver’s ed., but she’s still got a few tricks up her sleeve — namely, the ability to provoke hysterics in every trick-or-treater who sees her.

Black adult-size sweatpants
Black adult-size turtleneck
Four 1×4-inch wooden boards
Hammer and nails
Black boots
Green dishwashing gloves
Trash bag with drawstring top
Wig or skein of thick yarn
Store-bought witch’s hat

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. First, choose a crash site for your witch — a tree with a trunk that’s sturdy, yet not huge in circumference. Ideally, the tree should also be highly visible to passersby.

2. Measure the sweatpants’ legs and cut two of the boards to a few inches longer than the pants. Slide the wooden legs into the sweatpants and — with an assistant’s help — nail a leg onto each side of the tree 3 or 4 feet above the ground and parallel to it. For the best illusion, you’ll want to have at least a few inches of the legs extending toward the witch’s back (so that she appears to have hips).

3. Slide the boots onto the ends of the legs.

4. Secure the broom in place — roughly parallel to the ground — by nailing it to the tree and one of the wooden legs.

5. Pull the trash bag drawstring tight, then nail the bag in place so it hangs down as a cape. Secure the cape at the bottom as well, so it doesn’t blow around.

6. Lastly, nail the wig to the tree, cover it with the hat, then nail the hat in place. If you don’t have a wig, simply cut a bunch of thick yarn into long strands and tie them together at the top.

You can also watch a video on how to make this craft, too.

Have fun!