NASCAR Coaching Tips

I’ve become a NASCAR fan. There is something sexy about the whole concept of getting behind the wheel of a fast car and driving in circles. 😉

My husband tapes the races and then fast forwards through the boring parts – i.e. the regular non-crash laps, you know, the actual racing part. He prefers to watch the crashes.

I’m married to a brute. *grin*

But there’s one part I rarely allow him to fast forward through – the interviews after the race is over when they talk about their “strategy.”

This amuses me to no end.

I’m of course being sarcastic when I call it strategy because come on, you press the accelerator and drive – what exactly IS the strategy? And if you listen, really listen, you’ll notice that nearly all of the drivers say the same thing – “we need to push harder,” “we need to win races,” “our car was fast, but not fast enough,” “we should have pit here,” or “our pit times were too slow” and so on and so on.

The only thing that’s different are the sponsors they thank.

Now I realize, there probably IS a strategy to racing (?), but to hear the drivers talk, it’s not a very complicated strategy. *grin*

So, when I saw this video on “The Onion’s” Youtube channel this morning, I laughed until my makeup smeared.

(Don’t miss the scrolling headlines – they’re pretty funny, too!)