Throwback Thursday: Introducing the Great Outdoors

This is the one and only picture I have of Brandon reading - and I don't think I have a picture of Blake reading at all, (unless he's doing homework and that certainly doesn't count). Our kids have never been into the outdoors. The only thing they ever wanted to do was play video games. …


Throwback Thursday: Four Years of Florida Beaches

Other than camping, some of our first family vacations were at the beaches in Florida. We drove down to Pensacola one year, (and I remember being really frustrated because we had a hard time trying to find something to eat. And that's been our Achilles' Heel ever since - finding places to eat on vacation …

Throw Back Thursday

Blake. On Kevin's dirt bike. Back before Kevin had his motorcycle accident in April 2010. I'm pretty sure this is the closest Blake will ever get to a motorcycle after watching his dad recover from a crushed pelvis. Thank God.