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Helping Our Veterans Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

The doctors I schedule for help a lot of veterans.

Which … cool.

Only. Any time we do anything for them, we have to run it be the VA office/organization so that they (we) will pay for their office visits and any tests that need to be done.

I’m totally cool with that. In fact, I would RATHER pay for our veterans, men and women who have sacrificed their LIVES in order to serve our country than say, people who sit around with laminated homeless signs and beg for a living.

(True story. We passed a man on the streets of Chicago with a laminated homeless sign. Now look. I realize that people fall on hard times. But there are so many programs, charities, churches that exist for THE SOLE PURPOSE of helping these people get back on their feet and off the streets. But let’s be real – when you have taken the time to seek out/make a laminated homeless sign, that tells me that you’re not really looking to get back on your feet but are perfectly happy to beg for a living. And THAT, I have a problem with).

Our veterans SHOULD be taken care of. We owe them. Period. But I get so frustrated with the process. There is so much red tape to go through – needless red tape. It takes FOR.EVAR to get anything approved for our veterans and it just shouldn’t be that way. These brave men and women not only deserve to be taken care of, they deserve to be taken care of in a TIMELY manner.

And trying to get physical therapy approved for our veterans is darn near impossible. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Because the whole reason they come to our doctors is so they can heal and get better and what better way for that to happen than to be taught how to strengthen their weak spots and make them whole again??

It’s all so ass backward.

And the vets that visit our clinic? Are the nicest people!! They are always so pleasant and respectful … it just breaks my heart that it takes SO LONG to help them.