Work Stuff

If We’re Going to Do This, Let’s Do This …

I’m still employed.

As far as I know, I’m still reporting to work on Monday. I haven’t been suspended … yet.

Remember when I said they were going to send out emails? Well, I didn’t get one, but the gal who is in the same boat as myself (she opted out of the flu shot, too), got one and in essence? It threatened, AGAIN, to suspend her if she didn’t cave in and get the flu shot.

Okay now I’m just getting annoyed. Are we going to do this or not? Stop dangling this over my head – stop threatening me – STOP BULLYING ME. If you need to suspend me, let’s do it. Suspend me and then let’s move on. This whole “we’re going to do this if you don’t comply” crap is just stupid. And childish.

And rude, if you want the truth.

I’m now more determined than ever to resist this stupid “requirement” because it’s just asinine to me that they are FORCING people to get the flu shot. It should be an individual choice with the understanding that if you get the flu, then you’ll need to stay home for three days, possibly without pay, until you get over the symptoms and are healthy enough to return to work. I was reading on the company Intranet Friday and that’s the way it USED to be. In fact, one employee asked why it wasn’t still that way and the administration wouldn’t answer her.

This whole suspending people for the duration of the flu “epidemic” (and I still have serious doubts that we actually have one in Missouri right now) is just dumb. I can see sending me home if I get sick so I don’t spread my germs to other people, but if I remain healthy, it’s a waste of resources and puts the people I work with in a bind because now they’re short handed.

So many people get sick from the flu shot and are out close to a week after receiving the flu shot. Wouldn’t it make more business sense to leave the flu shot as a choice and send employees home who get sick to recover than to send a small number of perfectly healthy employees home just because they didn’t give in?

Again. If one works on an infectious disease floor or around people who have compromised immune systems or even children, then I can certainly get on board with the flu shot. Otherwise, leave it as a choice – DO NOT FORCE ME TO INJECT MYSELF WITH POISONS.

*sigh* At any rate, nothing has been decided so far. It’s still in the bullying stage and the “threats” are getting more “severe.”

Fine. Suspend me. I’m ready. Because I’m sure not getting the shot so let’s do this – suspend me and let’s get this over with. The sooner we get this started, the sooner I can get back to work.

I just pray I don’t have to go through this every freakin’ year. (But everyone tells me that the flu “epidemic” is pretty rare and this year is unusual. Hmm … I just wonder if the drug companies are feeling the economic pinch hence the whole “epidemic” this year. Pardon me, but I’m a cynic at heart).