Guess Who Turned 17 While I Wasn’t Looking …



(The first thing he said when he saw the cookie cake with the train? “You know I AM 17, right??” HA! I know it’s a little childish, but I figured since we just got off a train … ?)

My youngest son is now one year from being a legal adult.

I can’t even stop to fathom that – I mean, doesn’t that mean I’m old??

Don’t answer that.

We went to Chicago for his birthday. (Well, not really for his birthday, per se, but we told him that. However, how many teenagers can say they rode the Amtrak train for five hours on their birthdays…. hmmm??)

When we got back into town, we headed over to my in-laws for cookie cake. My MIL picked up the cookie cake and we told Jazz we were going over there to pick up some tax return stuff.

He didn’t buy it, of course.

“I just think this is an excuse for ma-ma and pa-pa to see me,” he said.

Can’t get anything by this kid!

We didn’t stay long. We had, after all, just been on a train for five hours and a car for an additional three hours so we were all pretty pooped. But it was a fun break and I didn’t feel guilty for NOT getting the kid a cookie cake.

The boy likes his cookie cakes.


Happy 17th birthday, Jazz! We adore you!