Work Stuff

This is What Happens When You Don’t Read Your Emails Very Carefully

You show up to a company meeting at 7:30 when it’s actually at 11:30.


I got up an hour early. I ran my butt off to get ready in time. I EVEN BOUGHT BAGELS!! And I drive into the parking lot and it’s like, “what the hell?? Where is everyone?”

And yet. I still go into the building. Why? Because the last time we had a 7:30 meeting, I was the first to arrive. Then, 7:30 came and went and STILL, no one was there except me and my boss. And finally, at about 7:45, people starting filing in.

So I thought, “Hmm. Maybe everyone is late, AGAIN.”

I walk into the building. The lights are off.

This is not a good sign, I think to myself.

I sign onto my computer and bring up the email about the meeting.



I was so embarrassed, that I hid in a bathroom so the early morning gal, the gal who comes in and turns on computers and lights, wouldn’t see me. I think I might have gotten away with what little dignity I have left.

So, lesson friends, read your emails.

Don’t skim them, like me.

*sigh* I’m such an idiot.

Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Quadropus


Got a single glove and no hope of finding its match? Some easy sewing will transform it into a four-legged octopus.


Single glove
Needle and thread
Dry rice
Hot glue
Large pom-pom


First, tuck the thumb inside the glove and use a needle and thread (an embroidery needle works fine) to sew it shut. Fill the glove with dry rice, then tuck the cuff inside.

Stitch all along the cuff’s edge, then pull the thread tightly to close the top. Knot the thread.

Sew or hot-glue a large pom-pom to the top of the glove. At the base of the quadropus — where the glove’s fingers attach to the palm — pinch the sides together and sew a few stitches to hold them. This will help make the body rounder.

To make the tentacles, attach buttons to the undersides of the four fingers with hot glue. Sew or hot-glue on button eyes and a felt mouth. Make earrings by threading stacks of buttons onto pieces of wire; tie ribbon around the pom-pom for a head scarf, or add a felt brim to the pom-pom for a hat.