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Haven’t You Heard? Apparently, We Have a Flu Epidemic in Missouri

So they’ve implemented the procedure that will start the ball rolling to suspend those of us who opted to thumb our nose up at the system and refuse to be vaccinated with poison – I.E. the flu vaccine.

(The same government agency that declared a pandemic of the H1N1 just a few years back. *snort* Pardon my skepticism).

My boss called me into her office today to ask me, once and for all, if I still wanted to refuse having the vaccine.

I said YES. (I mean, how many times do I have to refuse this sucker??)

So now … more waiting. (Don’t you love navigating red tape? JUST MAKE A FREAKIN’ DECISION ALREADY!!!!!!)

Please note that I am not making this decision lightly. I KNOW it’s going to cause a hardship to the people I work with. I KNOW they are going to be short handed because of me. I honest to God feel awful about doing that to them … but folks. I simply can not make myself go through with this.

My boss defended the company – the hospital is trying to protect itself. They don’t want one of their associates inadvertently giving one of their more sick patients the flu. I GET IT. But it’s a crap shoot. Let’s be real. Okay. So the associate doesn’t give the patient that strain of flu. That is no guarantee that that same associate, the same one who got the flu shot, won’t give that same patient something else – like a really bad cold or another strain of flu … it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I think having the flu shot should be purely voluntary. I think if associates opt out of the flu shot and then get sick, they should have to stay home for 3/4 days WITHOUT pay until they are well enough to return to work. I DON’T think the hospital should suspend a handful of perfectly healthy people simply because they refused to be bullied into getting an armful of poison.

Are we clear yet on my position on this issue?!?!?

I hate to keep harping on this, but hell’s bells, this whole thing just flabbergasts me. It’s so idiotic. And I’m a fair-minded person. I understand where the hospital is coming from, but when looking at the issue logically, there are WAY more cons than there are pros and there are WAY more efficient ways of dealing with this issue than “DO IT MY WAY OR BE SUSPENDED” scenario.

OMG, I’m so sick of thinking about this. I told my boss today that I wasn’t sure I wanted the stress of dealing with this situation every single freaking year. It’s just not worth the stress. It’s not fair to my co-workers. And it’s certainly not worth the small amount of money I’m being paid.

I told my boss that maybe this wasn’t the job for me. I didn’t tell her that to scare her or threaten her, but I wanted to be honest with her; this may not be the job for me. I’m a non-conformist (in case you haven’t picked up on that little fact). And if I perceive a situation as being unfair, or illogical, or just downright stupid, I won’t succumb. Just because everyone else chooses to get on that bandwagon doesn’t mean I will. It’s my choice and BY GOD, don’t take that away from me.

This company is bullying me into succumbing to their policy and I simply won’t do it. One, because I don’t think it’s necessary given all the reasons I’ve harped on these past weeks and two, the more someone pushes me into something, the more I dig my heels in and say, “screw it.”

Just ask my folks. I’m stubborn like that.

So … dilemma time. I love my job. I love my co-workers. I can honestly say that this is the best bunch of people I’ve worked with in a very long time. They’re awesome. The work is challenging and I was told today that I’m quite good at it, (especially for someone who doesn’t come from any medical background). I don’t want to leave it. But by golly … is it worth sticking around and having to put up with this crap every year? Granted, the “odds” of there being a flu epidemic are small, but still, it happens. (I still don’t understand why we haven’t been scared to death by this “epidemic” on the news. WHERE IS THE MEDIA HYSTERIA!?!)

*sigh* I hate to keep bringing this up, but it’s like a black cloud hanging over my head – I can’t seem to shake it. In the meantime, I see job offerings from other industries that I’m probably more suited to and would likely have a good chance of landing if I really applied myself.

But I’m not a quitter. I HATE letting people down. I HATE giving up on something, especially so early in the game.

I HATE being in limbo and right now? I’m dangling from a rope right before your eyes, and I resent the hell out of it.