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I Will Not Be Bullied. Period.

Kevin sent me a link at work today …

Number of Flu Cases Drops by 50 Percent in Greene County MO
(Springfield, MO) — The number of reported flu cases in Greene County is now on the decline after a two-week peak period.

On Tuesday, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department reported 71 cases from March 18-24, 2012.

That’s down from 138 the previous period and 137 the week before that. A majority of the cases have been Influenza A.

Out of the recent 71 cases, 16 of them were among residents ages 5-14. Fifteen were between 15-24 years old.

There have been 479 reported flu cases in Greene County since September 18, 2011.

Shortly after he sent me this article, we got a company-wide email stating that the suspensions had been put on “hold.” But they still reserved the right to implement the plan if the numbers rose in the next few weeks.


And can you believe that 479 people out of 275,000 people in my county constitutes an “epidemic??”


I have become the clinic mascot over this thing. I had a nurse stop me today to ask me if I had heard anything. I was the only person in the entire clinic who hadn’t taken the flu vaccine. And the final tally? Ninety-five percent of the employees at the hospital I work for had taken the flu vaccine.

That’s a lot of cattle mindlessly sticking their arms out for a shot of poison.

The conversations have been interesting these past few days. This was the first year that the hospital had implemented their new policy and from the sounds of it, they have some major tweaking to do. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects NEXT flu seasons round of poison vaccinations.

I’m pretty sure I’ve annoyed a few people at work with my talk, and firm disbelief, in this whole vaccination process. Some of these people have been getting flu vaccines for 30+ years and they don’t exactly appreciate my speculation on a possible correlation between getting vaccines every year and all of these mysterious diseases that we haven’t found cures for and no one knows where they originate.

I’m not saying there IS a correlation, but can you confidently tell me there isn’t some sort of connection??

Food for thought.

I also think people are a little annoyed that I wasn’t reprimanded in some way. Though I don’t think they WANTED me to get in trouble, I think they were EXPECTING it and when I didn’t, they were annoyed. After all, if this all washes under the bridge, then what’s to stop more people from refusing the vaccine next go-around?

At any rate, it looks like my job is safe … for now. I’ll stop talking about it … for now.

But just know this – you take my choice away or try and bully me into doing something I think is morally wrong and unnecessary? I will fight you tooth and nail.


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This audio teaching will cover these main points: It’s a Matter of the Heart, Wrong Motives, The Motive of Rebellion, The Motive of Rejection, Tattoos Will Not Change Who You “Really Are,” What Should I do if I Have an Ungodly Tattoo?, “Captured Flags of the Enemy,” and Seven Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo.

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