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The Flu “Epidemic” is Reaching Epidemic Proportions

A fellow co-worker directed me to a company Intranet article about “getting the flu vaccine or else” article (though the company likes to call it a “choice,” it’s anything but a choice considering you either get the vaccine or be suspended), and I was amazed at the comments. For you see, in order to comment on these articles, you have to leave your first AND last name AND it’s your REAL first and last name. There is no anonymity on the Intranet – Big Brother is watching and Big Brother knows exactly who you are.

People are furious. ENRAGED is actually more accurate. It’s sort of comforting to see I’m not the only “crazy” person out there refusing to succumb to what I now like to affectionately call, “a syringe full of poison.”

Anyway. The comments? Are pretty freaking awesome. Nearly every comment touches on a point I’ve made here at one point or another. I thought a nurse had an excellent suggestion – why not just make the people who opt out of the vaccine wear a mask during the duration of the “epidemic.” (Remember, I use that term VERY loosely because I’m not convinced, at all, that there IS an epidemic).

Why indeed? I’d totally wear a mask if it meant I could keep working every day. And that makes sense to me. I’m not getting the vaccine, I’m potentially carrying this year’s flu strain and could potentially give it to someone else (that’s a lot of potentially, don’t you think?) so yeah. I’m more than happy to protect others from my non-vaccinated germs. (*snort*).

Another person brought up this point: the hospital is all about the patients – as it should be. It’s all about protecting the patients – as it should be. How, exactly, is it in the patients’ best interest to suspend a bunch of healthy people, making those left behind to work twice as hard and twice as long to cover the gaps left behind by the suspension?

An excellent point, I’d say.

I didn’t have time to really read through all of the comments (and there were a quite a few), but the ones I read? Were pretty spot on and I agreed with about 94% of them.

I was beginning to wonder if I was the only “crazy” person out there. I was comforted to see that I am not.

I just can’t get this image out of my head of us humans, all lined up, like cattle, being herded into a shed somewhere and being mindlessly vaccinated for some mysterious “virus” of something that changes every year and then coming out the other side, glassy eyed and dazed and all mumbling the same inane phrase because we’ve all become so used to being brain washed into doing what the group is doing that none of us has an independent brain cell left in our heads to say, “Wait a minute. WHY are we doing this again??”

Hi. My name is Karen and I’m a non-conformist. Give me a sound, logical reason why you want to me to go along with the pack and I’ll do it, otherwise …?