Are You Thinking for Yourself? Or Are You Allowing Others to Think For You?

If you haven’t been paying attention, if you haven’t been reading, listening, watching the debate about Obamacare, then you’re a poor excuse for an American. Because we have reached a critical moment in our American history. We’re on the precipice of fundamental change. The question is, how many of us will sit on our asses and allow it to happen?

Not me.

Dude. *tap-tap-tap* You. Yeah, you. Are you paying attention? Turn off your reality smut-TV for a moment and pay attention to what is going on – it’s ugly and it’s going to affect you PERSONALLY very, very soon.

Let me tell you something, whether you like Mark Levin or not, you should listen to him right now. He has been dissecting the debate in the Supreme Court and it’s terribly interesting. It’s especially interesting to listen to Mr. Levin’s opinions because he’s a Constitutional lawyer and knows what the hell he’s talking about.

I’ll tell you something else – I’m so thankful that this is happening now, in the age of the Internet and blogs, because a lot of this information is coming from the Internet and blogs and NOT from “traditional” news outlets. Why? Because news “outlets” only spoon feed you what they want you to know. At least now, the information is out there, if only people would click outside their Huffington Posts and New York Times and read it.

Knowledge is POWER, people. Try it sometime.

Obamacare: Two Years Later, 2 Million More Are Projected to Lose Insurance

Obamacare oral arugment

Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax, It’s a Penalty
(Unless you’re arguing in court and then it’s not a “tax”, but a “penalty.” So, I guess it depends on the venue as far as what it’s called. Either way, it’s not good for us, the people).

Health care law endures tough questioning from swing justice at Supreme Court showdown

Kennedy: Individual Mandate Fundamentally Changes Relationship Of Gov’t

Justice Roberts: Can the government make you buy a cell phone?
(Why not? Why stop there? And the government WON’T stop there, people. THAT’S THE FREAKING POINT!!!!!!!)

Solicitor General Coughs, Stumbles, Stutters Through ObamaCare Defense

Justice Scalia to Obama’s solicitor general: ‘We’re not stupid’

Be sure to read the comments on these articles – they’re even more interesting than the articles themselves.

And for the love of God, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Stop relying on the government to tell you what is good for YOUR life.