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Burning a Hole in Her Pocket

It was only ninety-eight cents …

“Yes. But do you really need a Siamese cat salt shaker?”

“But it was so cheap …”

“Everything is cheap at the dollar store. But just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you buy it.”

“But …”

“Forget it. Let’s go eat.”

“Fine. You buy.”

“What?? It’s your turn this time.”

“I’m broke.”

“I thought you just got paid.”

“I did. But I, um, sort of spent it.”

“You have a serious money-management issue.”

“It’s that damn Dollar Store. It, like, controls me or something.”

“You are so weak.”





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6 thoughts on “Burning a Hole in Her Pocket”

  1. Ahhh…there are days I can totally relate to this…but not at the dollar store. There is a wonderful antique mall here…about 1/2 mile from our house.


    I’m glad my husband still buys, too!

    Cute twist on the prompt!

  2. I have that exact tendency in dollar stores, buying useless cute stuffs just coz it’s so cheap and seemed so worth it in the moment.

  3. This little story falls right into my visit to HomeGoods Saturday where I saw wooden bowl carved into a pig… I’m pleased to report that it’s still at the store:@)

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