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Stop! I Changed My Mind!

Saying goodbye was harder than she thought…

“I feel sick,” Bonnie closed her eyes and focused on steadying her stomach. Now was not the time to projectile vomit all over the woman across from her.

“You’ll be fine, just breathe.”

Bonnie narrowed her eyes at the woman. “Really. I’ll be fine?” Her voice raised several octaves; she tried to clamp down on her rising hysteria. She shook her head back and forth; her damp, greasy hair slapped her cold cheeks with each movement. “I can’t do this … I want my baby … don’t take my baby …!!

She vomited all over the woman in the suit.





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2 thoughts on “Stop! I Changed My Mind!”

  1. You’ve drawn quite an interesting picture in my mind. Lots of ways I could interpret this, but it really doesn’t matter. The idea of giving up one’s child is almost unfathomable for me, although I know that it can be a very good thing and a blessing to mother, baby and others under the right circumstances. Great piece of writing. 🙂

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