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Painful Memories

I stared.

“Wow. That house is small. And old … and ugly,” my friend said.

I swallowed.

“Are you ready?”

I shivered.

We walked up the stairs and across the porch, being careful to avoid the rotting planks.

The door creaked as we pushed it open.

I heard rustling from deep within the bowels of the dark house.

“Rats,” my buddy whispered.

I shuddered.

My buddy walked through the door. “Ready?”

I whimpered.

My tormentor grabbed my shirt and yanked me forward; I tripped over my feet.

The chair dominated the small room.

“Weird,” said my friend. “Why does that chair have barbed wire?”

I fainted.





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13 thoughts on “Painful Memories”

  1. The shame chair…. Wonder where I could get one of those? I work with juvenile offenders who could (possibly) be intimidated by something like that..tee-hee. I enjoyed reading your take on this week’s prompt.

  2. Oh my ouchy! I hope that isn’t a chair from someone’s world! But that house just rocks for me….oh I’d love to have something like that and just get out the paint…and well probably a few nails or a new board here or…but the potential! it’s lovely!

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