Fridays Are Our Late Days

It’s 6:47 a.m. and I’ve been busy updating school websites. I usually update them after I get home from work every evening, but last night, I was dead. SO dead, in fact, that I went to bed at 8:30.


I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. This job just sucks the mental energy right out of me. And I’m still not complaining, if I have to work, I’d rather work at a job that keeps me on my toes rather than twiddling my thumbs.

You know, I haven’t read a book since starting this job?!? I’ve just been too tired to concentrate on anything other than staring at a TV screen and zoning out. Even the thought of putting out the effort to read makes me tired …

The girls at work assure me that all of this mental energy will even out … eventually. I’m hoping it happens before my 50th birthday.


Hopefully, I can blog a bit this weekend. The bathrooms are nearly finished. “We” will finish them this weekend. I hope. I’m SICK TO DEATH of this project, but still, we are very pleased with the way things have turned out. We’ve had a little contractor trouble, but really not enough to blog about – it’s just been annoying and OH SO VERY SLOW. At any rate, we’re nearly done and we can move on to other things … like enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Fridays are relaxed around here. Everyone gets to sleep in an extra 30, (er, 45) minutes. Jazz doesn’t have to be at school until 8:20 (as opposed to 7:50) and I actually have a few moments to enjoy the morning before taking my shower, running a kid to school, coming back to fine tune my beauty (HAHAHAHA), throwing some sort of lunch into a WalMart bag (I’m fancy like that) and zipping to work. Dude actually followed me to work the other day, he was on his way to class. It feels weird to have your child follow you in a separate car to go do his separate thing without you or your husband. Just wait, it’ll happen to you someday.

I’ve enjoyed my morning. (Well okay. I enjoyed catching some emails up). Now it’s time to make myself beautiful (HAHAHAHA) and head to work.


February is nearly over. Does that freak anyone else out?!?