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It’s amazing how MUCH dust collects in your house every week.

And I’m responsible for the tile/hardwood floors in our house (Kevin vacuums the carpets – which we now only have in the hallway, and all three bedrooms. In fact, now that I think about it, THAT’S probably why Kevin suggested we rip up the carpets in our living/dining/family rooms … so HE wouldn’t have to maintenance them. Hhmm …).

I alternate weeks when I clean them. For example, this week, I gave our wood floors a good cleaning and just swept the tile floors. Next week, I’ll mop the tile floors and dry mop the wood floors. (You’re impressed, I can tell).

But seriously. It’s AMAZING to me just how much dust settles on the wood floors. I didn’t use to be a very good housekeeper (*cough*), but I have to admit, now that I SEE how much dust accumulates from week to week – I’m like anal about keeping it clean now.

I’m betting Kevin knew how I would react to dusty floors when he talked me into putting hard wood floors down.

My man is SNEAKY.