You Want to Go Where??

So we’re at Jazz’s scheduling meeting at school last night, and the counselor is going through the paperwork and is, in essence, telling us to read everything and follow directions (we needed an hour long meeting to hear that??), and she gets to the part where she’s telling us to be careful and plan accordingly because there are some high school classes that students need to have in order to apply at certain colleges …

For example: Mizzou requires that you have two semesters of foreign language.

When she brought that part up, Jazz perks up and says, “Uh oh.”

“What do you mean ‘uh oh’,” I say.

“I want to go to Mizzou,” he says.

WHAT?!? Is what I’m thinking but my outward reaction is to simply raise my eyebrows.

And then my brain takes off at warp speed. I start thinking about all of the requirements he probably HASN’T met.

I start thinking about how in the WORLD are we going to swing that financially … and yet, his grades are so good (he doesn’t have one “C” on his transcript) and our financial situation might be dire enough (as it applies to guidelines) that he might qualify for scholarships and grants.

And OMG, that’s like three hours away and he’d have to live either on campus or in an apartment and OMG, he’d be LIVING three hours away!!

After the meeting was over, I asked him why he wanted to go to Mizzou, though I knew why.

“Because they have an awesome band program.”

Ah. I knew it.

So. This weekend, we will be seriously discussing his desire to go to Mizzou and how he needs to seriously think about what career path he’d like to pursue IN ADDITION to enjoying the school’s band program. I will also be busy researching scholarships, grants, enrollment requirements, scholastic programs, living arrangements, etc., because I know NOTHING about Mizzou. I will also be asking Jazz to do some reading up on the subject, too.

All of this in addition to possibly painting, cleaning house (because we’re like one giant dust bunny at this point), going through Jazz’s senior schedule for next year (and if we can possibly squeeze in TWO Japanese classes) and catching up on school website stuff.

Never a dull moment in our household, let me tell ya …