Love is About So Much More Than Just One Day …

Make EVERY DAY Valentine’s Day – it’s hard, but nothing worth having is easy.

Have a blessed day, friends.

ADDED: There were quite a few ladies that received flowers/balloons at work today. And every time a delivery was made, I said, “That better not be for me.” (It cracked the girls up, actually). But I meant it. And it wasn’t a reverse psychology thing, either. I really didn’t want anything. Because even though the sentiment is sweet, sending something to your lover’s work, I can’t help but think, “HOW MUCH MONEY DID THIS COST??”

Seriously. Flowers/candy/chocolate-dipped strawberries are INSANE, ya’ll. And I just can’t enjoy something that cost that much when I know it’s going to be gone in a few days.

I’d rather spend the money on something more substantial. I know it’s not very romantic, but it’s way more practical.

And I’m nothing if not practical.