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Audio Teaching: Giving and Tithing

by John Schoenheit
The Christian world is very confused about giving and tithing. Many Christians believe that God commands them to tithe, and some believe that if a person does not tithe he will be cursed by God. This causes guilt, shame, and even fear among Christians who do not tithe. In this teaching, John Schoenheit opens the Word of God and shows that, while each person should give generously, Christians are not commanded to tithe. The Word of God shows that the tithe was instituted by God as a part of the Mosaic Law, so that the Levites and Priests, who could not own land, would be provided for.

Before the Law God did not command a tithe, and the command to tithe ended when the Church started, just like the Temple, sacrifices, and priestly system ended. However, the Word of God says that Christians should give their very lives as living sacrifices and that certainly includes giving; giving time, material goods, and money. Although some people’s situation may be such that they cannot give ten percent to the work of God, many people can and should give more than that. This teaching not only covers giving and tithing, but also provides biblical information about what to give and where Christians should give.

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