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Kevin has to fire our sub-contractor. Well he won’t, the contractor will end up firing him, but Kevin is calling the contractor today to politely, or as politely as possible, tell the guy we do NOT want the sub-contractor to come back.

Please and thank you.

Here’s the dealio:

The guys we contracted with to remodel our bathrooms have been PHENOMENAL. They were in and out and were so clean and fast that we hardly even realized they came and went. When we talk to the owner of the company, we will praise them – a lot. They deserve it. They were respectful and they did a really good job rearranging our bathrooms and re-routing the plumbing.

The electrician came in – and though he did the job, he didn’t really follow directions. We wanted to put two sconces on either side of the mirror in the front bathroom. The guys taped off where the mirror would go and Kevin told him where he wanted the sockets to go. When we came home from work that evening, the sockets were there, but about five inches too high. So Kevin politely asked him to move them – he did. He also put the socket in the back bathroom too high, but we think we can make that one work.

Then the tile/wall guy came in to do his job and OH MY GOSH. This guy was super sloppy and has made, and left, a TREMENDOUS mess for us to clean up. The dusty footprints, sure, I get that, you can’t really get away from that (although the first set of guys put down carpet/floor protectors and it WASN’T an issue with them), but this guy was mucking up our BRAND NEW SHOWERS. He scraped off sections of our ceiling so that we could redo the areas we needed to redo and Kevin said that the bathtub was so full of junk it took him about 20 minutes to clean it all up. (He said he wanted to get it cleaned up before I got home because he KNEW I would have freaked out – HE WAS RIGHT). Kevin also said that he came home at lunch and the guy had put the toilet into our brand new shower stall in order to put in the backer board. And when he put the toilet back in? He had to sort of jam it into place AND it leaks.


THEN, the bare light bulb we have hanging in our bathroom right now? Must have been sitting against the wall for some time because we now have a quarter-sized hole burned into our drywall. So the guy nearly burned our house down.

And to top it off? The tile job he did in our back bathroom? Looks. Like. Crap. Kevin is pretty upset about it. The guy did a really sloppy job putting in the tile, he didn’t turn the tiles so they looked more “random”, (there are entire rows where the tile is all facing the same direction – a pet peeve with Kevin); he did a really poor job of cutting the tile around the vent (in fact, the hole is too and you can see it when you put the vent cover back into place), and he didn’t put a border at the entrance so that the tile meets at a weird juncture and the guy had to cut a tiny triangle to fill in the gap.

Tile Triangle

Thank goodness the guy hadn’t grouted.

We both came home to this mess and let’s just say KEVIN WAS NOT HAPPY. Kevin has tiled enough to know, you don’t do that to the entrance to rooms.

We talked. We weighed our options. And we ended up calling our normal floor guy (the same guy who has done our kitchen, living/dining/family room floors) to come over and access the “damage.” He tried to be polite about the guy’s work, but you could tell, he was not impressed. In fact, he might have even been a little horrified, if you want the truth.

We are asking our regular floor guy (we should have just asked him to begin with – but the contractor was all like, “Oh. I have a guy we can use…”) to help us out. He’s got three days before he begins a big job and we’ll just have to see how much he gets done in that time period. He’ll likely tile the front bathroom entirely, since the other guy didn’t get around to tiling that bathroom, and ripping out the tile in the back bathroom and replacing the backer board – we won’t have the new tile back before he has to report to his other job. Which means we’ll likely be without a floor in our back bathroom for a few more weeks.

But that’s okay – at least it will be done right and I won’t have to hear about it for the rest of my life.

In the meantime, we still need the walls and the ceiling completed. Guess who’s working on that right now? Yep. Kevin. The electrician still needs to come back out and finish his job, but it looks like Kevin will most likely have to finish the walls and ceiling. Kev is supposed to call our contractor today to “fire” the sub-contractor and they will likely work something out.

I hope they work something out because quite frankly, that’s why we hired people to do this job. WE don’t have time to deal with it. Kevin will also have to re-negotiate the price since this sub-contractor won’t be finishing his part.

Anyway. It’s a mess. Literally and figuratively, but it’s just a speed bump, it’s not the end of the world. We just have to reconfigure a few things and roll with the punches. The bottom line? We just want it done right – is that so much to ask for?

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