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Obligatory Vacation Summation Post

Disney World Souvenirs. We only went to two parks. Two was enough, trust me.

I’m sitting here, trying to organize my thoughts enough to list some bullet points and I’m swaying. Not literally, though at times I might be, but rather because I haven’t gotten my land legs back yet. This is an actual “condition,” or a by-product of spending several days aboard a boat.

Finding one’s “land legs” refers to a condition where a person has an imbalance or rocking sensation after spending time on a boat. In its extreme form it is known as “mal de debarquement,” which is French for disembarkation sickness. There is really no proven way to find one’s land legs, other than to give it some time.

It’s quite disorienting, especially when you’re prone to motion sickness, like I am. But it’s a side effect of cruising that I’m willing to endure because I enjoy cruising so much. I’ll just deal with my body feeling like a living jello mold.

With unexplained lumps. In the jello.

Never mind.

I’m going to have to squeeze these post-vacation posts in between my work. I am neck deep in emails and all require immediate attention. The school websites that I maintain are gearing up for school and their websites require a lot of attention, but I really need to document our time now or I’ll forget more and more with each passing day.

I’d like to say it’s because I’m getting older and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, but to be honest, my memory has always been crappy, hence the biggest reason for this blog.

At any rate, I don’t have time to really go in-depth right now, plus, I haven’t had a chance to go through pictures/videos yet, but I’ll list some key points I want to talk about to remind me what to write later.

  • I am pretty sure this was the last beach vacation we take in mid-summer.
  • I’m also pretty sure we will never go back to Disney World.
  • It’s quite possible this was the last vacation the boys will accompany us.
  • Jazz was patted down at the airport.
  • We toured Disney World with LARGE groups of Brazilian teenage girls.
  • These girls didn’t speak a word of English.
  • They also broke out in spontaneous song at the worst times.
  • And they also thought Dude and Jazz were quite interesting to look at.
  • I didn’t eat a full meal for two whole days.
  • It rained on us when we were at Epcot.
  • I couldn’t wait to leave Hollywood Studios.
  • We had pretty awesome rooms on the cruise ship.
  • I seriously wanted to throttle our cruise ship neighbors.
  • Our dinner table mates on the ship were ….. interesting characters.
  • Even though we were on a beach vacation, we didn’t wear our swimsuits once.
  • This was the smallest cruise ship we’ve been on, but we were turned around and lost the entire time we were on it.
  • I say “beach”, you think “green and lush.” The Bahamas were anything but green and lush.
  • We drove a jeep around Freeport, Bahamas.
  • We were driven around Nassau, Bahamas by “Sexy” Mary.
  • We also toured Nassau, Bahamas without the boys.
  • Atlantis, on Paradise Island, Bahamas, is pretty spectacular.
  • It was hotter in Missouri than in the Bahamas.
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How Honest Are You?

You Are Honest and Open
I am going to be honest with both of you

You are a very honest person, yet you somehow avoid being brutally honest with people.

You know that the truth often does hurt, so you try to cushion the blow as much as possible. And because of your approach, people do appreciate your honesty.

You’re the type of person who compliments before you criticize. You try to put the truth in perspective and make it seem not so dire.

And whenever you’re stating your opinion, you make it clear that it’s just that … your point of view. You can only speak your own personal truth.

Right-O. This is pretty accurate.

How honest are you?

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Testing the Johnny Jump Up

This was the first time we put Dude into a Johnny Jump Up.

I apologize for the maniacal laughter, I was delirious from fatigue. Also? His expression of like, “what do I DO with this thing??” just cracked me up. HA!

Dude soon picked up on the concept behind the Johnny Jump Up (I have a video of that for later, of course) and I have to say, this Johnny Jump Up SAVED my sanity. Both of my boys loved this thing and spent hours in it.

I’d recommend it for new parents.

P.S. The cord hanging down by his foot is from this.