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If I had Pretty Feet, I’d Totally Buy This

Seriously. How cool is this?!

Though I don’t know how “cool” it’d look on a 45-year old woman.

I have functional feet. And by that I mean, my feet are not meant to be on display. The ONLY way I’ll wear sandals in the summer is if I paint my toenails because my nails are so nasty that the polish covers them up. Honestly? I didn’t start wearing sandals in the summer until just a few years ago when I finally came to terms with the fact that my feet are long, veiny, and are dotted with corns due to my own attempt to try and make my feet appear smaller by wearing too small shoes for years and years.

Lesson learned.

Also, I’ve reached the point where I don’t care what people say anymore – it’s all about the COMFORT now. And wearing shoes in the summer time SUCKS.

But if you have pretty feet (lucky dog), then you can buy this gem at this Etsy store.

Home Movies

Visually Stimulating

I mentioned that I read a lot of baby books when my boys were babies … and I did. Some of those books recommended hanging a black and white mobile up in their crib to help stimulate the babies’ brains.

Thinking this made sense (on some weird level known only to me), I researched mobiles and bought this do-hickie.

Dude loved it. As you can see in the video below. Jazz … I seem to recall Jazz not being that interested in it, but Dude spent hours looking at it.

Which was awesome because it meant:

A. He wasn’t crying.
B. It gave me time to get some stuff done, like shower.
C. He wasn’t whining.
D. It was hopefully stimulating his brain.
E. He wasn’t crying.

I apologize for the sheer … nothingness behind this video. I wanted to show ya’ll how much interest Dude took in this mobile, but it’s also one of the few video snippets I have of Dude being content. The rest of the footage, he’s always fussy, or spitting up, or whining.

Also? I told you. HOURS of my kids doing nothing. I was just content to watch their facial expressions. It’s amazing how you can just SEE them absorbing information, isn’t it?

And I don’t know what is up with the squeaky toy. I think I was curious to see how he would respond to it. I’m surprised the boy didn’t start wailing because, UGH, that sound is annoying, isn’t it? But Dude seemed too preoccupied with the mobile to notice.

Now that I watch this again, I hope that thing didn’t give him nightmares. It’s sort of “Twilight Zone-ish” isn’t it.

In fact, he looks sort of freaked out in the screen capture still, doesn’t he.

Poor baby. Mama’s sorry she tortured you like that.

P.S. The cute binky bobbing as he’s sucking on it makes my heart squeeze.

P.S.S. Also? That binky is nearly as big as his face.