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Taking Off the Belt

Here’s a shot of that monitor belt I was telling ya’ll about.

(Dude was eight weeks early and had to wear a monitor when he came home because his nervous system wasn’t mature enough to keep reminding him to breathe, so the monitor would warn me when he stopped breathing and I would have to stimulate him to start him breathing again).

Most of the time, the alarms were false, but there was one time it went off in the middle of the night and I rushed into his room, turned on the light (which was usually enough for him to start breathing again), and had to actually shake him a bit to make him start breathing again.

I shaved off several years of my life that night.

At any rate, it was a bitter/sweet moment when he no longer had to wear the belt. On the one hand. MAJOR inconvenience, but on the other, assurance that he was breathing. I had many sleepless nights checking up on him shortly after he stopped wearing the belt.

Also – MAJOR cuteness in this video. I love the way he’s responding to me.

And I apologize for his full diaper. HA!