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The Little Old Man Stage

I call this phase of Dude’s life the “little old man” stage because come on, look at this baby – he looks like a chunky old man with his thinning hair and his double chins. HA!

Also, note the date: Valentine’s Day 1993. Dude is exactly ONE MONTH older than this video. He’s so tiny in that last video, but he’s HUGE in this video! This was the month that Dude had a major growth spurt and pretty much catapulted himself into a normal percentage.

I have no idea why I was torturing the boy – I was probably trying to keep him from getting too upset while we waited for his bottle to warm up.

Yes. I bottle fed both of my children.

Yes. There’s a post about that coming soon.

Yes. It will likely make some people angry. I can’t help that.

Cruise 11

Tropical Storm Bret Needs to Move Off – NOW

I have never once thought about what would happen if we happened to be on a cruise and a hurricane, or a tropical storm, blew our way.

I guess I should start thinking about that possibility.

Because as of now, right now, July 18th at 7:54 a.m. – tropical storm Bret is making his presence known in Nassau Bahamas.

And we’re going to be there very soon.

Weather in the Bahamas

(Actually, Kevin’s sister’s family went there this week. I don’t know if they’re still there or not, but it’ll be interesting to hear their story).

We’ve been very lucky so far, we haven’t encountered any bad weather while being on a cruise. Of course, the cruise lines make very sure that they steer clear of bad weather and though we’ve never been caught in bad weather, we have had to go around a storm or two. (Resulting in choppy waters and a dose of Dramamine).

But we’ve been lucky at the ports of call and have had pretty decent weather while we were there. (A few years back, when we went to Belize, the military staged a coupe a few days after we were there and the whole country sort of erupted. Which would explain the guards walking around the pier with guns. Talk about scary stuff … and we have people who are unhappy with America. This ain’t NOTHING compared to other countries, folks.)

After researching a bit, it looks like if a tropical storm crosses our sailing path, we would sail around it and possibly either miss a port, or dock at a different port of call altogether. If the storm hits the pier at the time we’re supposed to take off, it looks like the cruise line would cancel the cruise entirely and refund us.

So. Considering there is more unsettling weather off the coast of Africa (which is where tropical storms typically begin and impact our part of the world weeks later), there is a possibility that we might be affected at some point.


We need to remain flexible. If our cruise is cancelled, then we’ll just use that refund money and stick around Orlando for a few more days before coming home. Not ideal, but we’re not having a show down with Mother Nature.

We’d likely lose.

And I don’t like to lose.

At any rate, don’t worry (mom), it’s pretty unlikely anything will develop and/or impact us directly so we’ll be fine … whatever happens. 🙂


Mock the Spending Series

The team at BulletPeople.com launched a video marathon where their goal was to produce 100 satiric clips in 24 hours, about “Mocking the Spending” underway in Washington. (Looks like they didn’t reach their goal, but still plenty to watch).

Here are a few of my favorites. You can watch all of the videos on their YouTube channel.

The following videos answers these questions:

Government regulations are like…

The government spending money is like..

Congress spending money is like...

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see young people actually get involved with politics. It makes me hopeful for the future.