We Don’t Need New Taxes, We Need New Taxpayers

That title packs a punch, doesn’t it?

It also sums up our situation, perfectly.

Here is Senator Rubio’s speech to Congress (beginning at the 3:00 minute mark). Watch it. LISTEN to it. He perfectly sums up what is wrong with our country and debunks the “talking points” the Democrats are trying to make us believe – again.

What really made an impression? When he quotes from a study that compiled all of the “millionaires”, (which, incidentally, Obama classifies anyone who makes over $250,000 a year a millionaire – by WHOSE math, Mr. President??), the oil companies, the jet owners, etc. and if we were to take every penny they made in the next year, demanded they turn it over to the government, it would sustain us for almost 10 days.

Ten days. It would pay for almost 10 days of our insane government spending. And then what? These “wealthy” individuals have nothing left, there is nothing more to give. And they’re the ones who create jobs. So, the jobs they would have created if we just left them alone? Are gone. Which only makes our 9.2% unemployment even worse.

It’s a vicious cycle and we MUST stop it. If we don’t stop this insane spending, it will only get worse – it will NEVER get better. Our country is like a huge money pit. We keep throwing more money into the pit, but the problems continue to grow. We can’t continue this madness.

We Don’t Have A Revenue Problem, We Have A Spending Problem

I mean, let’s bring this analogy down to the average Jane/Joe level:

You have a mountain of debt. You’ve taken out a second mortgage and have maxed out your home equity loan. You have two car payments on vehicles that aren’t even worth the balance you have left to pay. You have three credit cards that have all been maxed out. Everything you make goes to pay the interest on these outstanding loans ONLY. And you can’t even pay all of THAT because you need some money left over to pay for food, phone, utilities.

You are at your wit’s end. It’s time to take serious steps to getting out of debt. Would you:

A. Apply for more credit cards?
B. Take more loans in order to pay down on the existing loans?
C. Immediately cut out all non-essential items in your life and apply that extra money to the least amount owed?

Obviously, a rational person would pick C and D.

Our government insists on choosing options A and B.

Do you see how asinine those options are when things are in dire straits?

And yet … here we are.

We need some conservatives, with balls, to get in there and clean up this mess. We need to stop spending, get rid of non-essential government programs, and restructure existing programs (yes, even entitlements. You think I EXPECT to receive Social Security when I reach that age? Oh hell to the no. There’s NO MONEY LEFT FOR MY GENERATION).

That’s it, folks. THOSE are our options. Any politician that tries to tell you that we can get past this debt issue WITHOUT cutting spending? Is blatantly lying to you. They’re telling you what you want to hear.

It’s time to open our eyes, roll up our sleeves and get this problem under control before we sink to Greece levels.

It’s time we started acting like GROWN UPS and stop expecting the government to take care of us.

One last thought: I WANT MARCO RUBIO AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. I know he’s not running (this round), but THIS is the type of person we need in the White House to clean up Obama’s “Hope and Change” crap.


Matrix on Windows


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Matrix on PC, posted with vodpod

Hey man,

I know this spoof is making fun of Windows – I get it. And they’re right, Windows can be terribly frustrating and wonky and Windows users definitely have these issues, but here’s the thing – I’d rather be a free-thinking Windows user than belong to an electronic cult.

Because speaking as a non-Mac user from outside the hoopla that surrounds every Apple product? (I own an iTouch. That’s the extent of my Apple enthusiasm). It’s a little bizarre to see people into their electronics THAT much.

You know?

P.S. No disrespect to Mac users – I’m sure ya’ll are the bees knees, but seriously? The crazy devotion to one control-hungry brand is a little creepy. Just saying.