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Dude’s First Cereal

Dude was a little over three months here. We had reached a point where milk only just wasn’t cutting it anymore (he was always hungry) and his pediatrician gave me the green light to try cereal.

(The cereal was VERY soupy, otherwise I wouldn’t have given to him lying down like that).

He was a much happier baby after I introduced cereal because he was fuller for longer period of times.

I laugh at how chunky he was – just a little butterball.

I also like to watch his facial expressions as he’s sampling the cereal. “This is weird. But tasty. I think I like it.”

Yes. I’m using a bottle. It’s because breast wasn’t best – for me. (Stay tuned, I talk about that experience soon).

I know, I let this play out way too long (ZzZz) but it’s like I can’t take my off eyes off the kid.

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: The Heart of Evangelism

by John Schoenheit
Who among us is not thankful to know that he or she is saved, and glad to forever be a part of life in a world that will be far, far better than this life. The second great commandment Jesus Christ gave is to love your neighbor as you love yourself, and there are few things as loving as helping an unsaved person make a decision to be saved and live forever.

This teaching focuses on evangelism, that is, telling others about Jesus Christ. It shows from Scripture that God tells Christians to evangelize, shares some ways to do so, and emphasizes that evangelism is an act of love that flows out of a heart of compassion.

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