Dude’s First Cereal

Dude was a little over three months here. We had reached a point where milk only just wasn’t cutting it anymore (he was always hungry) and his pediatrician gave me the green light to try cereal.

(The cereal was VERY soupy, otherwise I wouldn’t have given to him lying down like that).

He was a much happier baby after I introduced cereal because he was fuller for longer period of times.

I laugh at how chunky he was – just a little butterball.

I also like to watch his facial expressions as he’s sampling the cereal. “This is weird. But tasty. I think I like it.”

Yes. I’m using a bottle. It’s because breast wasn’t best – for me. (Stay tuned, I talk about that experience soon).

I know, I let this play out way too long (ZzZz) but it’s like I can’t take my off eyes off the kid.