A to Z Challenge

D is For Diet (*gasp*)

Oh yeah. I’m going there.

Diet is a four-letter word – FAKE.

Fake security, fake hope, fake information – (Eat eggs! They’re good for you. Don’t eat eggs, they cause cancer!). It’s all about control, over you, your body and your pocketbook.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t watch what they eat, or control how MUCH they eat, in fact, I would argue that moderation and good food choices (in other words, don’t eat waffles for breakfast, greasy chips for lunch and round out the day with a dozen donuts) is one of THE key factors when it comes to losing/maintaining weight. (Along with moving – seriously people, you can’t lose weight and NOT exercise. I mean, I guess you COULD, if you stopped eating all together, but in essence, you need to burn more than you eat – so, smart food choices, watch how much you eat and take a long walk after dinner every day – POW – weight loss).

Diet? Is just a distraction from what you really need – discipline to cut back and motivation to get moving. Diet is a multi-BILLION dollar industry which feeds (pardon the pun) on desperate people looking for a quick fix to a problem that took months/years to develop. Losing weight won’t happen over night. It won’t happen because of some fad diet, it won’t magically happen because you took a pill … it’ll happen after YOU, and only YOU, make a conscious decision to break bad habits.

I despise diets mainly because of how they affect people. People have such good intentions, such HOPE, when they start a diet, only to be tossed into a pit of despair when it doesn’t magically transform them into their self-perceived, or unrealistic image. It’s HARD to get out of that pit of despair and often times, it makes things worse for people because now we can throw in a large dose of depression into that low self-esteem issue.

Take my advice and ignore the diets. Pay attention to what you’re eating and how much you’re eating and start an exercise program. And by exercise I mean start with something simple, like walking. You’ll be AMAZED how much better you start to feel, almost immediately, once you cut back on the amount (and portions!) you eat, and when you start working your heart.

Don’t let diet become YOUR four-letter word.

(*steps off her soapbox*)

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