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Writing That Shines

I enjoy finding new voices. (Well, new to me, at least). Here are a few I think worthy of attention:

Sneaky Hate Spiral” from Hyperbole and a Half

The Diving Board” from Ministry So Fabulous! (Wow)

The Breakdown of: Friendship” from 10% Fiction

The Daughter of an Abortion Protester” from It’s a Beautiful Wreck

The Golden Rose” from Paulo Coelho

Cold Feet” from Just Eat Your Cupcake

The Ache” from All Adither (Wow – again)

On (not) Getting a Diagnosis” from No Points For Style

Feminism: A Four Letter Word No More” from Nerdy Vernacular

The Right to Say Goodbye” from Miserable Bliss

These people inspire me to be a better writer.

You can find many more interesting reads at Five Star Friday.

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