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The small, insignificant, day-by-day things that happen in my life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We went and looked at more sofas today – they’re all starting to look alike. And we’re discovering that it’s much easier to buy a dark one; there’s simply more selection. We finally gave up on the search – the color will really depend on what sort of hardwood floor we decide on.

Which means, we need to pick a hardwood floor out. And that’s what we did. Well, we didn’t pick it out, but we began the “official” search. We went to a hardwood liquidator and though I saw a few I liked, nothing really “spoke” to me. We then went to Home Depot and we grabbed about five sample pieces to take home with us. Our biggest issue is: we want contrast. We have an oak dining room table and an oak entertainment center (our living room and dining room are, in essence, one big room) and we don’t want to pick a floor that too closely matches those pieces.

Then it would be like, “where’s the furniture??”

I picked out three that I liked, Kevin picked out two darker pieces. I wasn’t crazy about his pieces. We brought the samples home, placed them on the dining room table and all three pieces I picked out? Match almost perfectly. Kevin’s pieces? Look much better.

Grr. I hate it when he’s right. lol

So. It looks like we’ll be going a bit darker on the floors than I thought. We’ve only just begun to look. We need to check some pictures out to get a better idea of what we want.

The boys talked me and Kevin into signing up for Steam accounts. That’s just a site you can go to and download games onto your computer. We all downloaded Quake (we all played that game eons ago and had SO MUCH fun with it. We would all be in our own rooms, on our own computers and yell tips and tactics to each other – we were all on the same team). When Dude noticed that the game was on sale through Steam, he encourage all of us to load the program onto our computers again and that’s what we did. Then we all got onto the same server and as a team, ganged up on the monsters. There’s a chat feature in the game and we had a lot of fun giving each other a hard time.

Example: Me: “Rats! I missed my ride!” (Referring to an elevator my character needed to get on to get to the next level). Dude: “Your ride just squished me.” (His character was standing too close to the elevator and it squashed him. I guess you had to be there).

We laughed. We yelled. We got killed and we had a great time together. I would love to find more cooperative games like that because truly, it’s so fun doing something all together like that.

A family who kills monsters together, stays together. That’s my motto.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Dude and I went up to the school to pick up his schedule today. I was asking someone where to buy a parking permit when I turned around and Dude was looking at his schedule with a puzzled look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he was only scheduled for two classes.


I wasn’t surprised. I had been emailing his counselor off and on at the end of last school year because the classes he wanted to take weren’t available. Apparently, there are some classes they only offer certain number of times and then they can only hold so many students.

Which I think is both annoying and sad. Annoying because I think seniors should get first dibs on classes. After all, many students are building their scholastic portfolio and it can often times be important when applying to colleges. Sad because the school district can’t afford to hire teachers to teach more of the classes the kids want to take.

It’s a double-edged sword.

So, we made a trip to the counselor’s office. Only, she was busy, so I told the secretary we would return after we bought a parking permit. Dude had to fill out some registration information, show his schedule, his license and then pay $35 dollars (!!) in order to get the decal. Kind of a pain, but at least now he can drive to school, which is a very real possibility as I hope to get a (part-time?) job very soon.

We went back to the counselor’s office. The place was even MORE packed. Apparently, the school went to a new system this year and there were quite a few “glitches”. Dude didn’t want to wait, but I knew if we didn’t take care of it right then the first day of school would roll around and he wouldn’t have a clue where to go.

So we waited around.

We were on the verge of giving up and leaving, when the people in her office finally left. I peeked my head in her office, told her my name and reminded her that we had emailed about his schedule a few months back and she saw us. She was very nice, if not a bit harried, and I felt sorry for her. This must be hell for her to try and get 300 students situated.

Unfortunately, Dude only had about three classes to choose from – they were the only ones available for the time slots that he had open. One was an art class, and he’s already had so much art, he really didn’t want to go down that road again, so he ended up picking Business Law, and a Science/Research class on Meteorology. The counselor told him they were harder classes, which Dude wasn’t thrilled to hear, but I personally think he’s up for it. He’s a smart kid, if not a bit lazy, and I think a little challenge will be good for him.

He just needs to get in the mindset that this first quarter is going to be a WEE bit busier than he thought.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Took Jazz to band camp an hour early today. There are a few freshmen who need a little extra help with the marching drills and the co-sectional leader wasn’t pulling her weight, so the sectional leader asked Jazz to come in and essentially do her job for her. I had to get Jazz up at 5:45 a.m. in order for him to get dressed, eat some breakfast and still leave in time to go by Krispy Kreme doughnuts – he wanted to give his fellow saxophone players a little treat.

I’m really quite impressed with how seriously he takes his responsibilities in band – he simply lives for this stuff.

I spent the morning alternating between getting some work done and trying to stay on top of the sinus headache that took me by surprise around lunch time. I drank my cup of coffee at 1:00, and the headache miraculously disappeared. Remember, I’m down to ONE cup of coffee per day now, at mid-day, and I don’t drink any other form of caffeine the rest of the day. If my body can’t handle one cup of coffee, TOUGH. I like my coffee, I’m not giving it up.

Since this was the last day of band camp, Jazz got out at noon. This was also the day he needed to pick up his schedule … he was only scheduled for three classes. (He needs four classes).


What is up with not getting these schedules right?? So, I emailed the counselor, told her that Jazz was missing his first period class and what now? She emailed back and said the only class they had available for that time period was a forensics, CSI-type of class and the kids loved it. Would he like to take that?

Well really, what choice did he have? Oh right, NONE. So yeah, he would like to take that class. Luckily, he does seem interested in the subject matter so hopefully, it will all be good. But I have a feeling, because it’s worded the same as Dude’s Meteorology class (Science Research and Design) that it’s going to be time consuming, as in, a big-project-that-Kevin-and-I-will-likely-have-to-help-with time consuming. So, both boys have two science classes EACH this 1st quarter.


Jazz passed out when we got home. This past week has been really hard on him and he was dead tired. He slept for an hour and a half.

The band had its parent preview tonight. That’s when the parents get to see what the kids have been working on all week. I took quite a few pictures using my new zoom lens – it was the first time I’ve used it – and I’m really hoping they turned out okay.

The show was awesome. The kids only marched the first two sets, they’re still working on the last two sets, but we are liking what we see so far! The director said it was amazing how much progress they have made, it was pretty rare for them to be this far along in the program this early in the season. It’s also really neat to see where the kids start and then watch them again later to see the new and interesting things they add later.

The weather was great. A bit overcast, but there was a cool breeze so it was quite pleasant.

As we were leaving, I ordered a band jacket for Jazz. I sort of wish they had band jackets for parents.


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