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The small, insignificant, day-by-day things that happen in my life.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Headaches, ALL day long. I can’t figure out if they were tired headaches (for I slept on and off all day long, which helped a bit), a stress headache (I have a lot of stuff to do in the coming weeks – getting a part-time job is one of the biggest), or a caffeine headache (I mentioned I can’t handle a lot of caffeine, right??). I finally broke down and took some Excedrin Migraine, which worked, of course, I’ll be paying for it when Monthly Myrtle comes to pay me a visit, though. (Aspirin thins my blood too much – ’nuff said). I have decided I’m going to adjust my caffeine intake: instead of drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I’m going to try and drink one cup mid-morning and see if I’m not a bit more aware for the afternoon hours. Something must be done, I don’t have time for mind-numbing headaches!

Kevin noticed a crack in our kitchen tile grout last night. In fact, the crack extends to four full tiles. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! Our new kitchen floor is not even six months old and it’s already cracking?!? To say we’re not happy, well, WE’RE NOT HAPPY. Kevin is going to call the tile people and see if they will come out and fix it, free of charge. I can’t remember if there is any sort of warranty on our floor or not, but grout cracks this early on should NOT happen, right??


Monday, August 9, 2010

I made an appointment with my OB-GYN today. I haven’t been in quite a few years – think about ten? (Okay, maybe not ten – more like eight). It has been so long that my account went into inactive and I’m considered a new patient again. They are going to send me a packet in the mail, which I have to fill out and turn back in. I made the appointment because well, it’s time. I had been toying with the thought of going in since before vacation and being a female, and having female problems, that only prompted me to get the ball rolling.

They can’t see me until September 13th. Which is fine, there’s really no hurry. I’m extremely nervous about going – one because it’s NEVER fun to go to the happy doctor, two because it’s been so long they are most likely going to yell at me, and three, I’m about 99% sure they are going to tell me to have a breast exam.

Something else I’ve never done and probably should now that I’m over 40.

I don’t exactly dislike doctors, but they are not exactly my favorite people, either.

Jazz started band camp today. Our weather is supposed to be in the upper 90’s and we have a heat advisory all week, too. The kids are doing their marching part in the morning and sticking to the inside in the afternoon. Jazz has been coming home exhausted and complaining about his feet hurting again. Band camp is pretty intensive (six days of 8 to 5 days) and one half day, and they keep the kids busy. We’ll have a chance to preview their routine next Tuesday, the 17th – I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m really thinking about making my blog all about the day-to-day activities. That’s all I really want to record anyway, but we’ll see. I’m really sick to death of feeling guilty for not posting anything and having that guilt hanging over my head all day. Don’t be surprised if you see a change in my blogging routine. Besides, I love blogging and probably will never fully give it up, but I have so many other, more pressing things on my mind right now that it’s definitely taking a back seat to other priorities.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Went to my grandmother’s funeral today. I started crying before I even sat down. My aunt had made, and displayed, a board full of pictures of grandma throughout various stages of her life and it was really neat to see pictures I had seen before as well as ones I had not. I ended up sitting next to my cousin – he was actually the ring bearer at our wedding. I wanted to say something to him, but I honestly couldn’t get past the lump in my throat.

It was a closed casket. They had a few pictures of grandma on the casket, it’s amazing how much my dad looks like his mother. The service was really nice – I broke down when the pastor relayed some stories about grandma and grandpa. (I nearly sobbed out loud when he talked about how they were always holding hands and how she would reach out to him at night, even though she wasn’t 100% sure who he was at the end).

I also lost it when I noticed my dad and brother wiping away tears.

My mother discretely passed me a couple of tissues; I’m assuming she heard me sniffling behind her.

Dude dressed in a shirt and tie – he looked so handsome and grown up. Kevin wore a suit, he hasn’t worn a tie in oh gosh, years. I was also worried he wouldn’t be able to get his puffy feet into his dress shoes, but he said it wasn’t that bad. (He could have been lying). Jazz couldn’t make it, he was at band camp.

My grandpa wore suspenders, though one shoulder had fallen off. I honestly can’t remember a time when my grandpa DIDN’T wear suspenders. It broke my heart when he passed me, gave me a little smile and then walked on. He looked so incredibly sad. My grandparents were very close. I hope he’s able to cope with this loss. It must be terribly hard on him.

I came home and collapsed – too many emotions, I think. It was a sad day for my family.


I’ve been using Oh Life to record my daily events. I love it because they send you an email at 8:00 p.m. every night asking you how your day went. You reply to the email and it automatically posts to your Oh Life account. I’ve been wanting to record the day-to-day happenings in my life because, well, I forget this stuff. I realize it may be pretty boring and worthless to you all out there, but to me? They’re precious moments.

These entries are raw, immediate and from the heart. You can expect to see these updates every Wednesday and Sunday (or thereabouts)

Thanks for reading.