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Ten Things to Do if You’re Bored

*Disclaimer: I’m NOT bored. In fact I’m QUITE busy. But I’m sitting here, answering website requests from the schools that I maintain and I ran across this lame nifty little site called Random Things and thought, HEY, I’d help a blogging brother/sister out by offering things you can do if you’re bored out of your mind.

Or just out of your mind.


1. Sign up to be in the marching band — and then bring a pigeon to lunch with you.

2. Eat soup with chopsticks.

3. Start a mosh pit at a family reunion with great Uncle Joe and Grandma Alice.

4. Try to drink a frosty while smiling.

5. Go outside and yell out loud, “I JUST ATE A BOTTLE OF KETCHUP”!!!

6. Run up to a random person, hug them and say, “Do You Like Unicorns?”

7. Hum the Batman theme in an elevator to annoy people.

8. Walk down your street and throw crayons at your neighbor’s window and then run away.

9. Fart in public. Then look disgusted at the person next to you.

10. See how many slices of bread you can eat in 5 minutes.

11. Bonus: Change the color of your text and burn your readers’ retinas! Weeeeee!

(Okay, maybe I’m a wee bit bored).