I Am …

I just converted a VOB video to a WMV format for a client (geeks will get this and GO ME) all by myself. Well, I Googled how to do it, found a free program and VOILA! Converted! Anyway, I'm waiting for it to upload and then I will (finally) work on my professional site - … Continue reading I Am …


Daily Walk

This is how long I walk, on average, on a daily basis. Well, maybe not daily, more like five or six times a week. It works out to be about 3.25 miles. I'm back on my walking kick. But before you become too impressed, let me pop that balloon right now; I'm getting back into … Continue reading Daily Walk

Home Office

Nearly every morning, after Kevin takes a shower and gets ready for the day, he will give me a quick kiss, say "I'm going to work now," and then walk the few steps required to get to our home office. Where he's working now, full time. His company liquidated (thanks to President Obama's wonderful stimulus … Continue reading Home Office

Patching it Up

(I know this is late - yesterday was crazy nuts. More on that later). I'm going to consciously work on highlighting the little moments I'm thankful for every Tuesday because it's the little moments we forget but make such a huge impact on our lives, overall. Here is one such moment: Kevin took our old … Continue reading Patching it Up

Random Tuesday: Because My Life Consists of Random Bits of Nothing Right Now

I'm trying to talk my mother into having Christmas at our house this year. She's being stubborn. I'm offering to do this, because my mom works like a dog and deserves to be able to take it easy, relax and ENJOY the holidays for a change. I have the perfect plan - Dude and I … Continue reading Random Tuesday: Because My Life Consists of Random Bits of Nothing Right Now