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I enjoy finding new voices. (Well, new to me, at least). I purposefully ignore links to the “popular” bloggers (though I’m sure what they’ve contributed is equally awesome) and instead focus on the lesser-known voices, for I am so tired of not hearing them. The blog-o-sphere is so full of silly self-imposed get-more-traffic drivel, let’s focus our energies on more raw, amazing, heart-wrenching, populist issues we can relate to, shall we?

Why I Am a Feminist, And Why I Will Shout It Loudly Into the Ears of Anyone That Will Listen” from Knotty Yarn.

In Need of the Heimlich Manoeuvre” from Yarn Harlot

My Soul Speaks” by Paige Johnson at My Tornado Alley

Amanda’s Attempt to Entertain Us this Month – Bullying” by Amanda at Birmingham Mommy

As Promised” from 2birds1blog

Forgiveness” from The Accidental Olympian

Mind Your Own Business, Gmail!” from Nanny Goats in Panties

Today Would Have Been Our Anniversary” from Beregond’s Bar

Disposable People” from No Points For Style

These writers, these wonderful PEOPLE, inspire me to be a better writer, a better PERSON.

I’m hungry for more. If you can recommend more great writing, I’m ready to feast.

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